YUNDI and Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra staged Chopin's works

NCPA September/04/2017
On the evening of September 3rd, pianist YUNDI and the 116-year-old Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra jointly presented two piano concertos by Chopin at NCPA Concert Hall. In this concert, YUNDI conducted and played with Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, giving full play to the romance and elegance of Chopin’s music.

YUNDI and Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra fully presented the romance in Chopin's music

The concert started with Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 2. Accompanied by beautiful theme of orchestral music, the piano playing started. Through the passionate melody, YUNDI and Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra vividly expressed the romance hidden in the notes. The Third Movement was dominated by enthusiastic “mazurka”. In the second half of this concert, YUNDI and Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra jointly presented Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1.

YUNDI served as both the conductor and the piano soloist in the concert

Although conducting and playing with the orchestra was a great challenge, YUNDI expected to fully present the Chopin in his heart to the audiences. “In general, the orchestra joins hands with the conductor, and both play respective roles. A conductor may also have unique insights into the works. This time, I entirely convey my own understanding so that I can express Chopin in my heart in a complete and unified way.”

Photos by WANG Xiaojing



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