Love Letter rounds off NCPA International Theatre Festival 2019

NCPA September/11/2019
From September 20th to 22nd, the Beijing Magnificent Culture drama Love Letter will go on stage at the NCPA Theatre to round off the NCPA International Theatre Festival 2019. Directed by the Russian director Yury Eremin, the drama stars ZHOU Tao and SUN Qiang, a couple who have been loving each other for 40 years from childhood to old age. With the love story as the clue, the drama depicts the Chinese people’s lifes since the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up.

The story of Love Letter begins in a middle school classroom in Beijing. The hero and heroine, ZHANG Mingyuan and LU Jiajia pass notes with each other in the classroom in childhood, via 8-cent stamps in their youthful years, using airmail letters edged with red and blue in their middle years and using emails in their later years. From 1975 to 2015, they know each other, fall in love and part with each other, experiencing great changes in the past 40 years since the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up. They go through joys, confusions and even sufferings, but the “love letters” witness how they stay in love forever.

As a famous Chinese hostess, ZHOU Tao has anchored more than 200 important national programmes and hosted the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 17 years. As her debut on drama stage, she is going to play a woman from the age of 13 to 53 in Love Letter. The long span of years is a big challenge for her. Actor SUN Qiang is an A-list actor of the National Theatre of China and has shaped nearly 100 artistic images in films, TV plays and dramas. He played the “No. 5 patient” in the eight-hour-long epic stage play A Dream Like a Dream, Chekhov in I Take Your Hand in Mine and Karin in The Seagull. In Love Letter, he plays ZHANG Mingliang, a reserved man that has pure love for his lover and writes one love letter after another but fails to get love in return, rendering the character to life on stage.

Love Letter is a work about love, and it shows the audience the sweetness, acidulous astringency, regret and attractiveness of love during the just 100 minutes. The drama reflects the change of the times that has taken place in the past 40 years.

Magnificent Culture Love Letter

Magnificent Culture Love Letter



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