Alexandrov Ensemble to return in the first month of the lunar year

NCPA January/20/2020
On February 6th-9th, Alexandrov Ensemble will celebrate the Year of the Rat 2020 by five performances.

Vadim Ananjev, hailed as Mr. Kalinka by his fans worldwide

Founded in 1928 by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, the composer of the former Soviet anthem and a gifted conductor, Alexandrov Ensemble is the oldest, largest and most prestigious military artistic team in Russia. As early as November 1952, the ensemble made their China debut by a delegation of 250 members.

On January 4th, 2018, Alexandrov Ensemble filled the NCPA Opera House with their beautiful voices. It was a hard-won reappearance in China after an air disaster and subsequent regrouping of the ensemble. Two years have passed. As a bosom friend of NCPA, Alexandrov Ensemble will return to the NCPA in the first month of the lunar year with a two-part performance consisting of 28 excellent singing, dancing and instrumental performance.

A singing and dance feast will sparkle the upcoming Chinese New Year

On February 8th, a performance of the ensemble will be added to the original performance plan. Alexandrov Ensemble will enjoy the Lantern Festival with Bejing audience by giving a marvelous performance.



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