The year 2017 marks the ninth year of May Festival's birth. In 2009, NCPA launched the first May Festival, presenting 11 wonderful chamber concerts to the audience. Up to now, this Festival has presented over 130 performances, bringing together more domestic and overseas renowned orchestras and musicians and introducing chamber music into people's life. From artists, audience, to various social institutions, more and more people and organizations have joined this “big family” and enjoyed the “reunion” in May each year.

This year, in commemoration of the 190th anniversary of Beethoven’s death, NCPA May Festival takes “All about Beethoven” as its theme, presenting altogether 17 concerts to the audience from May 6th to 27th.

During the May Festival, chamber music will also demonstrate its charm outside NCPA. From April 27th to May 26th this year, domestic and overseas artists and troupes will stage altogether 19 performances at such places as the Palace Museum, the National Museum of China, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, schools, enterprise and public institutions.