The Red Detachment of Women returns to NCPA

NCPA June/11/2021
The National Ballet of China The Red Detachment of Women, which premiered in 1964, has a history of more than 50 years. As China’s first national ballet, The Red Detachment of Women boasts an amazing combination of the Western ballet art, Chinese traditional opera art, Chinese Li nationality folk dance and military drill movements, which form a new dance language exclusive to the National Ballet of China, erecting the powerful and righteous images of revolutionary warriors on the ballet stage. Not only do they depict valiant Chinese women soldiers “in toe shoes” who are as excellent as their male comrades-in-arms, but it has also given birth to an eye-catching flower of the national ballet art in global dance circles.

In addition to the unique dance language, the music remains a red classic unforgettable for audiences. In order to reveal the national features, the music was composed with traditional national instrument elements, including sheng, small gong, pipa and zhongruan, added to the symphony. Folk melody with local features was also applied to the creation of popular musical pieces including The Song of the Detachment of Women and The Clear Water in Wanquan River, making it no longer a pantomime when performed to vocal accompaniment.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. The Red Detachment of Women will go on stage at the NCPA from June 19th to 20th as one of the key works supported by the Programme for Revival of “A Hundred Traditional Fine Artworks for a Hundred Years”, which is part of the Influential Stage Art Creation Project. This time, A-list artists at the National Ballet of China will take the stage. The leading artist QIU Yunting and lead dancer LI Jie will play Qionghua respectively. The chief actor MA Xiaodong and lead dancer SHE Zhaohuan will play HONG Changqing respectively. The conductor LIU Ju will raise his baton over the National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra to give a live and mesmerizing performance.

National Ballet of China The Red Detachment of Women

National Ballet of China The Red Detachment of Women



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