NCPA gets excellent children’s dramas ready for Chinese New Year

NCPA January/17/2023
The NCPA has prepared excellent children’s dramas for the Chinese New Year.

Children's drama Three Little Pigs, Go!

The children’s drama Three Little Pigs, Go! by the China National Theatre for Children will be performed at the NCPA from January 17th to 19th. The drama stimulates children’s imagination.

Children's drama Three Little Pigs, Go!

The first part of the story is about the magical changes to the common items in daily life, such as towels, sponges and clips. In the second part of the story, the three performers acted as the “Three Little Pigs” described in Grimms’ Fairy Tales, and use “rag dolls” to tell the story about the three little pigs fighting a battle of wits against the big bad wolf to defend their home. With a simple plot and a distinct theme, the drama cultivates the children’s spirit of self-reliance, self-control and love.

China National Theatre for Children Minimalist Creation

The China National Theatre for Children Minimalist Creation will be on the stage of the NCPA from January 25th to 27th. With the unexpected combinations and variations, a plastic bag, a plastic pipe, a sponge and other common items in daily life can also turn into leading roles on stage. These little items will come to life, unleashing the children’s imagination and ushering in a period of a warm and fun time.

Children's Drama The Three Little Pigs, Go!

Children's Drama The Three Little Pigs, Go!

Minimalist Creation

Minimalist Creation



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