In the new series of “At Home with NCPA”, we have put together a series of videos featuring Chinese and Western instruments, concert excerpts, Chinese dance, Chinese traditional operas, in-depth talks and other fun activities to keep you active and entertained during this special time. Meet with us every week for a bit of arts treasure.



Words fail when YANG Liping starts to dance...
Be sure to check out this unique and almost incomparable performance clip presented by the one-and-only YANG Liping in Shangrila-Dynamic Yunnan.

In this week's episode of #AthomewithNCPA, we'll listen to the Peking Opera masterpiece, Dingjun Mountain (excerpt) presented by maestro TAN Xiaozeng. His family, for seven generations now, has been involved in Peking opera ever since his great-great-grandfather TAN Xinpei established the TAN School of "Laosheng", which is the role of the elderly man, with distinguished styles.

Programme: This Letter Comes by Coincidence (Excerpt from Dingjun Mountain)
Peking Opera Artist: TAN Xiaozeng

Featured by red colour and distinctive tone, Chinese percussion instruments give a fuller expression of traditional music. Listen to an excerpt of Jiangzhou drum music "Bull Fights Tiger" from Shanxi province.
Programme: Bull Fights Tiger
Performers: Students from China Conservatory of Music

Time for some Chinese traditional music!
In the special episode of #AthomewithNCPA, travel with us to northwest China in the thrilling sound of suona, a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument.
Programme: Love for the Loess Plateau for Suona and Orchestra
Conductor: PENG Jiapeng
Suona Artist: ZHOU Dongchao
Presenter: China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Shaanxi Opera is one of the oldest Chinese operas with distinctive tunes. On a cold evening, keep a cup of hot tea in hand and immerse yourself in the rising and falling tunes played by banhu #athomewithNCPA.
Programme: Tunes from Shaanxi Opera (Excerpt)
Conductor: YAN Huichang
Banhu Artist: SHEN Cheng
Presenter: Xi’an Conservatory of Music Traditional Orchestra

Have you ever seen the pipe organ at our Concert Hall? In this episode of #AthomewithNCPA, you can catch a sight of the instrument, and its internal structure while Chinese organist SHEN Fanxiu is playing Bach’s music.
Programme: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565

Autumn is a second Spring if you love the autumn leaves like the flowers. Alongside a new episode of #AthomewithNCPA, engage yourself into an orchestral work teeming with east and west fusion!

Programme: Piano Concerto No. 1, "Spirit of Spring" (Movement I)
Composer: DU Mingxin
Conductor: LIU Ju
Pianist: CHEN Sa
Presenter: National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra  

Look, This Rickshaw is an excerpt from NCPA Opera Commision Rickshaw Boy. With authentic Beijing flavour, it portrays the excitement of the rickshaw boy Xiangzi when he buys his own rickshaw after three years of painstaking efforts.
Music: GUO Wenjing
Librettist: XU Ying
Tenor: HAN Peng

Do you believe love is eternal? In this #AthomewithNCPA, feel the love in the air in a mesmerising excerpt of Chinese dance “Butterfly Lovers”. This dance weaves an enchanting tale of love and timeless legend in the Chinese way.
Presenters: students from Beijing Dance Academy

This week, the new episode of #AthomewithNCPA, ZHANG Haochen presents Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, an encore of his recent performance at the NCPA. Let's listen to one of the most beautiful piano works with rich colouration.

Speaking of authentic Beijing, what pops into your mind first? Maybe bird-walking and friendly jibber-jabber in hutong?
We're back on the weekly #AthomewithNCPA with a Beijing-flavoured Latin dance excerpt “Hutong Impression”. Savour the charms of interesting hutong life in Beijing from the comfort of your own home!
Presenters: Students from Beijing Dance Academy

Tracing back 300 years ago, the Chinese instrument "banhu" has been played along with traditional operas, contributing to the development of local styles.
Feel the energy bursting upon the screen delivered by banhu artist JIANG Kemei.
Programme: Huabangzi (Excerpt)
Conductor: ZHANG Gaoxiang
Banhu Artist: JIANG Kemei
Presenter: China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra

Listed as one of the best ancient Chinese music pieces, "High Mountains and Flowing Water" was mainly created for guqin and guzheng, both inspired by an allusion. Some guzheng artists play "High Mountain and Flowing Water" when they meet each other as a way to say "hello". Take a pleasure of this piece by Guzheng artist YUAN Sha.

How much do you know about Peking Opera?
There are four great dan actors (female characters) in Peking Opera - MEI Lanfang, CHENG Yanqiu, SHANG Xiaoyun and XUN Huisheng. Today with #AthomewithNCPA, look out for a special episode featuring MEI School through its representative work The Woman Prisoner SU San.

In this episode, conductor XIA Xiaotang introduces different sections of instruments in an orchestra this week.

If cello could sing, he would be a great tenor and baritone. Listen to cellist Li-Wei Qin explains the cello range by playing the melody of Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor.

Stuck in lockdown? Let your imagination run free in the incredible dialogue between the ancient Chinese guqin and stunning Chinese dance performance.

Programme: Guqin work Flowing Water
Guqin Artist: CHEN Leiji
Dancer: WANG Yabin

There are a lot to learn from music. Why not start with The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten?
In this excerpt, conductor XIA Xiaotang will show you the magic of "Fugue".

Dizi or bamboo flute is one of the most popular instruments in traditional Chinese music. Among various types of dizi, qudi has graceful repertoire from southern China. Listen to maestro ZHANG Weiliang presenting Journey to Suzhou, a master work about the beautiful scene of ZHANG’s hometown Suzhou.

Programme: Journey to Suzhou
Composer: JIANG Xianwei
Performer: ZHANG Weiliang

Jinghu is a Chinese stringed instrument often seen in traditional operas as an accompaniment. In this episode, nourish your love for Chinese music with artist JIANG Kemei.
Programme: The Swirling Clouds, from Peking Opera The Azalea Mountain
Jinghu Artist: JIANG Kemei

With the sun blazing in Beijing these days, a unique chorus is presented for hot days. In this episode of "At Home with NCPA, the Inner Mongolia Junior Choir will show you them praying for rain. Click and see the astonishing teenage a capplla.
Programme: Praying for Rain

This week we are sharing lively movements of the Peacock Dance of Dai Minority. Dance with us!

In this episode of "At Home with NCPA, we're taking you to the Inner Mongolian prairie for a fierce horse racing game. Tune in to watch how Chinese stringed instrument imitate "neigh"!

Programme: Erhu Music Horse Racing
Music: HUANG Haihuai
Erhu Artist: JIANG Kemei
Yangqin Artist: ZHANG Gaoxiang

Digging deep into your childhood's memories, you may remember the symphonic story of a boy and his animal friends - Peter and the Wolf. Now let's take a look at "who is here" when different instruments play out.🦉

Thumbs up in Kunqu Opera performance can be very different beyond your imagination. Listen to Kunqu Opera artist ZHOU Haolu about how to present thumbs-up on stage!

Need a moment of mindful peace and relaxation? This flowing guzheng music piece A Moonlit Night On The Spring River might soothe your soul.
Guzheng artist: YUAN Sha

Tired of sitting around all day? We recommend a Friday dance party in your living room. Relax your body and mind and follow this simple dance movement of Dai minority.

In this episode of "At Home with NCPA", we have pipa virtuoso WU Man to talk about some stories behind the mysterious instrument—pipa.

From our theatre to your house.
Sit back and watch the first episode of "At Home with NCPA" on a classic martial tune of pipa music, presented by the on-and-only pipa virtuoso WU Man.

Programme: Ambush from All Sides