ZHAO JipingComposer, Professor, PhD Supervisor

ZHAO Jiping
Composer, Professor, PhD Supervisor

Mr. ZHAO Jiping, Honourary Chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, Chairman of the Shaanxi Federation of Literary and Art Circles, President of the Music Copyright Society of China and Deputy to the 13th National People's Congress of People's Republic of China, is a National Expert with Outstanding Contribution. He has also served as Deputy Dean of Shaanxi Traditional Opera Research Institute, President of Shaanxi Song and Dance Troupe, President of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, deputy to the 11th and 12th National People's Congress and member of the respective Presidium, and representative to the 15th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Mr. ZHAO is a two-time winner of Best Music of the Golden Rooster Awards, four-time winner of the Best Music Award of the Golden Eagle Awards, and six-time winner of the Best Works Award of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee. Other awards that Mr. ZHAO has won include Best Music Award of the Festival of the 3 Continents, Outstanding Music Award and Outstanding Contribution Award of the Flying Apsaras Award, Art Achievement Award of the China Gold Record Award, Best Vocal Works Award of The Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, Twentieth Century Chinese Classic Awards, and Chinese Culture Communicator of the Year. CD-records have been produced and released worldwide for ZHAO's pipa concerto Blessing and guan concerto Silk Road Fantasia. The cities of Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan have both welcomed ZHAO's works in concerts. Besides, CD-record Yellow River and a series of film music CDs were released in association with Japan's JVC company, taking the lead in internationalizing Chinese film music.

In March 2003, ZHAO was invited to hold a special concert in Hong Kong, which turned out to be a great success. In 2001, his dance drama Great Love and Deep Hatred: The Vicissitude of the Fate of the Old Summer Palace was premiered in Beijing. In the first half of 2000, he composed for the dance drama In Desert Rises a Lonely Thread of Smoke that made its applauded premiere in Taipei. In June of the same year, his symphonic sketch Sunbird and symphonic poem Farewell My Concubine were performed by Berliner Philharmoniker at its annual concert held in Waldbühne, marking the first presentation of Chinese works in this world-class music arena. Then in July, his chamber music composition The Moon at the Fortified Pass: Sorrowful Impressions of the Silk Road was selected by cellist Yo-Yo Ma to be performed in the United States for the first time. In 1998, ZHAO became the only musician from Chinese mainland who signed to Teldec Classics Label. In 1997, the documentary Music for the Movies: ZHAO Jiping directed by the famous American director Allan Miller and co-produced by producers from United States, UK, and France was shown worldwide. In 1995, as the only representative from Asia, he attended the 2nd International Film and Music Festival in Switzerland.

One of a kind among Chinese musicians, Mr. ZHAO is praised as a composer with the most sharp-cut Chinese temperament and national cultural spirit in his works, and is currently one of the Chinese composers active on the world stage.

Works in 2020/21-2021/22 Season

Violin Concerto No.1 in E-flat major
LI Biao Conductor
LU Siqing Violin
Pipa Concerto No. 2
LÜ Jia Conductor
ZHANG Qiang Pipa
Moments Musicaux of the Silk Road, three concert pieces
LÜ Jia Conductor
Red Star Over China, from Symphonic Suite Yan An
LI Xincao Conductor
Sacred Cloud Music
CHEN Leiji Qin
ZHANG Ningjia Soprano
MA Weijia First Violin
FAN Yue Second Violin
LIU Sha Viola
YIN Long Cello
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Pipa Concerto No. 2
LÜ Jia Conductor
ZHANG Hongyan Pipa
"Plateau Dance" (from Moments Musicaux of the Silk Road, three concert pieces)
Guanzi Concerto The Silkroad Fantasia Suite
Cantata Story of Hua'er World Premiere
ZHANG Guoyong Conductor / HAN Lei Guanzi / NCPA Chorus


Symphonic Works
Symphony No. 1 (Bronze Award in the 1st Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music for Excellent Work)
Symphony No. 2 Ode to Peace
Symphonic Poem Farewell My Concubine
Symphonic Picture The Sunbird
Symphonic Suite Qiao’s Grand Courtyard
Pipa Concerto No. 2
Violin Concerto No. 1 in E-flat Major
Cello Concerto Disillusioned Dreams
Music Moments of Silk Road
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Folk Orchestral Music
The Celebration Overture
Follow the Pagoda Tree to Trace the Roots of Our Ancestors
Cello Concerto Disillusioned Dreams
Guan Concerto The Silk Road Fantasia Suite
Erhu Concerto The True Hearted
Pipa Concerto Blessing
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Chamber Music
Moon over Guan Mountain—Silk Road Journeys
Film Scores
Red Sorghum (The 8th China Film Golden, Rooster Award for Best Music)
Five Girls and a Rope (Golden Montgolfiere at Nantes Three Continents Festival of France)
Crang Crying of Qin People
Kong Fansen (the 16th China Film Golden Rooster Award for Best Music)
A Chinese Odyssey
Raise the Red Lantern
Steel, Meets Fir
To Live
Yellow Earth
The Big Parade
Ju Dou
Dragon Town Story
Temptress Moon
The, True Hearted
The King of Masks
Peach Blossom
Flying Tigers
The Emperor and the Assassin
The Story of Qiu Ju
Farewell My Concubine
A Sigh
Pretty Big Fee
Breaking the Silence
The Emperor's Shadow
Forever Enthralled
White Deer Plain
Back to 1942
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TV Soundtracks
The Outlaws of the Marsh (The 16th China TV Drama, Flying Apsaras Award for Outstanding Music)
Sister-in-Law (The 18th China TV Golden Eagle Award for Best Music)
Chivalrous Robber LI San
State of Divinity
The Grand Mansion Gate
The Legend of the Condor Heroes
Qiao’s Grand Courtyard
World Granary
Eightfold Path of the Heavenly Dragon
Wudang II
The Qin Empire
Memories in China
Kangxi’s Incognito Travel
CAO Cao and CAI Wenj
Euphorbia Flower
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Dance Dramas
The Desert Smoke
Love & Hatred of the Old Summer Palace
Northern Shaanxi Yangko Opera ,The Women of Mizhi and the Men of Suide
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Vocal and Choral Works
Beating of Yellow River
Setting Sail of Western, China (Selected for the Best Works Award)
Stronger Country , Brighter National Flag (First Prize for Song Collection for the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China)
Heroes’ Song (The 16th China TV Drama Flying, Apsaras Award for Outstanding Song)
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