Jane Eyre opens its 9th round

NCPA June/27/2013

NCPA’s commissioned drama Jane Eyre

From June 26th to 30th, the drama Jane Eyre will stage its 9th round in the Theatre of the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) led by Yuan Quan, the winner of the 26th Plum Blossom Award, as the title role and Wang Luoyong as Rochester. 

Jane Eyre returns to NCPA’s stage 

As NCPA’s first commissioned drama, Jane Eyre has been successfully performed for several rounds in NCPA and was invited to perform in the Capital Theatre and the National Theatre of China Theatre. During its national tour to Shanghai, Chongqing, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Fuzhou, it was highly acclaimed by the audience of all ages. 

Yuan Quan wins the 26th Plum Blossom Award with Jane Eyre 

In the previous interviews, Yuan Quan emphasized that Jane Eyre is an important role she has taken in her drama career. She once commented, “Jane Eyre is the best gift God has given me. Jane is independent, self-esteemed and self-loved and finally harvests her love. What happens to her really touches my heart.” Jane Eyre also won her a Plum Blossom Award, about which director Wang Xiaoying said, “It is the best praise and honour a drama actress can get that the audience say you are Jane Eyre.” 

Wang Luoyong always brings powerful strength to Rochester 

As to how to portray a different Jane Eyre this time, Yuan Quan said, “The greatest charm of the stage play is that you can feel the role time and again at different ages and in various living conditions, and bring what you get in your life into the role. That kind of feeling is wonderful and that is why the play is always fresh to me.”  

Jane Eyre will tour Shanghai and Suzhou in this July and lead the audience to enter the world of drama classics. 


NCPA's Commissioned Drama Jane Eyre

NCPA's Commissioned Drama Jane Eyre



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