As China's top performing arts centre, the NCPA will adhere to the guiding principle of 'for the people, for art and for the world' and strive for the objectives of being: a key member of prestigious international theatres; the supreme palace of performing arts in China; the leader of arts education and popularization; the grandest platform for international arts exchange; an important base for cultural and creative industry. 

Follow the principle of for the people, for art, for the world”; 

Advocate high-standard and high-quality classic arts and folk arts; 

Perseverance in and encouragement for innovation;  

Advocate the core value -- Art changes life;  

Treat all the programs from the perspectives of both artistic standard and market value; 

Perseverance in the operation principle of honesty, win-win cooperation, and sustainable development. 


After years of exploration and practice, NCPA has gradually formed a set of unique management model, reflecting our scientific management ideas and achieving good effects.


After years of exploration and practice, NCPA has gradually formed a set of unique management model, reflecting our scientific management ideas and achieving good effects.  


I. Implementing brand management strategy 

II. Coordinating the relationship between art and business

III. Providing professional and refined management and technical support

IV. Providing personalized services

V. Put emphasis on nurturing the audiences 


The NCPA Membership is committed to building a spiritual home for art lovers. We firmly believe that art changes one's life and with this conviction, we dedicate ourselves to bringing splendid art events to our audience. We hope our club events would become an inseparable part of your life.
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Dedicated to the staging of epic operas, ballets and dance dramas, the golden Opera House is considered the centerpiece of the NCPA. Its main tone is golden color, which looks glamorous and splendid. In the auditorium are the stalls and three higher levels of balconies, which can seat an audience of 2,207, including the venue of SRO. It is equipped with a modern stage that can be moved up/down/backward/forward or rotated, a ballet stage that can slant, and a rising orchestra pit for the triple winds orchestra. All the cutting-edge staging mechanism provides artists with enormous possibilities of creative performance.