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Tim Supple  / Jul 23, 2018
(The Tempest is) with spectacle, with humour, with laugh, with drama, and it makes us recognise that we are, all of us, of equal value."
On August 9th-15th, NCPA drama The Tempest will make its premiere, featuring the NCPA's fifth Shakespearean play. Stage director Tim Supple shared his inspiration with the Chinese press. The Tempest is to be jointly presented by the NCPA and Royal Shakespeare Company's “Translation Plan for Shakespeare.” Find out more details here.

The King's Singers  / May 21, 2018
"We are a team, so the most important thing is to listen to everyone’s point of view. If there are different opinions about how we should sing something, we try every option and then take a group view. No one’s going to be interested in listening to us if we don’t have anything interesting to say (or sing)! We always need to try to present ideas in a way that grabs the audience today - without compromising our music."
On May 20th, the King's Singers brought their "GOLD" tour for the 50th anniversary to China at the NCPA, and is part of the May Festival 2018, a close bound between the choir and the NCPA. Besides their performance at the Concert Hall, the King's Singers presented a non-profit concert at one of the museums in Beijing, as part of an outreach program for the festival.



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