Peking opera Red Cliff to celebrate NCPA’s 10th Anniversary

NCPA October/13/2017
From Oct. 30th to Nov. 1st, the NCPA Peking Opera commission Red Cliff will be performed on stage. ZHANG Jianfeng, LI Hongtu, WANG Yue, DOU Xiaoxuan and other Peking opera stars will yet again play the roles of remarkable figures.

The scene of “Borrowing Arrows with Straw Boats”

In the past decade-long ongoing production, the NCPA takes root in Chinese history and culture, rolling out Peking opera works, such as Red Cliff, You and Me, The Silk Road and ZHENGKAO Fu, and carries forward its time-honoured national spirit as the quintessence of Chinese culture. The grand new epic, Red Cliff, which brought together ZHANG Jigang, ZHU Shaoyu, SHI Hongtu, GAO Guangjian and many other domestic leading stage artists who were all invited by the NCPA in 2008, adds new charm for the Three Kingdoms stories with profound historical reflections, exquisite and melodious arias and impressive visual impacts. Additionally, there have been Red Cliff tours in Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic so that overseas audiences can recognise the unique beauty of traditional Chinese operas and the profundity of Chinese traditional culture.

The scene of “Setting Fire under the Red Cliff”

On the grand occasion of the NCPA’s 10th Anniversary, Red Cliff will also usher in the 12th round of performances. “Borrowing Arrows with Straw Boats”, “Resorting to the Wind before the War”, “Setting Fire under the Red Cliff” and other scenes will show the intensive war on Red Cliff by imposing majestic momentum once again. And different figures’ characteristic arias will allow audiences to enjoy the endless savour of Peking Opera Art.

Still of Red Cliff

Many traditional Peking Opera works will be presented as well. On October 24th-26th, LI Hongtu, ZHU Qiang and CHANG Qiuyue (famous Peking opera artists of Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing) will respectively star in LÜ Bu & Diaochan, Chinese Orphan and The Story of SU San. As outstanding young Peking opera performers of the National Peking Opera Company, ZHU Hong and LI Wenying will star in The Return of the Phoenix and The Unicorn Purse on November 11th-12th, respectively. On November 22nd-23rd, Peking opera master WANG Peiyu will present classical works after her last performance in NCPA four years ago, including Hongyang Cave (a traditional repertoire with focus on personated old man) and Royal Monument Pavilion (co-starred with TIAN Hui, a Mei-style performer playing the leading female role in the Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe).

Meanwhile, The Palace of Eternal Youth presented by “five classes for three generations” of the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, A Handful of Snow presented by Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre and Youth Edition of The Peony Pavilion presented by Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre will impress audiences with the elegant beauty of Kunqu art. In addition, The Breeze Pavilion and MU Guiying Takes Command respectively starred by WANG Yinghui and WANG Hongling (famous Hebei Bangzi artists of Beijing Hebei Bangzi Opera Troupe), A Beautiful Night starred by WANG Ping (famous Pingju artist of China Pingju Opera Theatre), anti-corruption Huangmei opera work Heshen Stands Trial in front of JIN Guangti co-presented by China Broadcasting Art Troupe and Hubei Yingshan Huangmei Opera Theatre, CHANG Xiangyu starred by WANG Hui (famous artist of Henan Province Yu Opera Troupe I) and other masterpieces are expected to radiate the unique charms of local operas at the “Chinese Operas Marking NCPA 10th Anniversary.”

NCPA Peking Opera Commission Red Cliff

NCPA Peking Opera Commission Red Cliff



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