Alexandrov Ensemble gives its first performance

NCPA January/05/2018
On the evening of January 4th, the highly-anticipated world-renowned Alexandrov Ensemble appeared on the NCPA (National Centre for the Performing Arts) stage and kicked off the concert with all performers giving a soul-stirring top-class Russian dancing and singing performance in front of Chinese audience. Fair-sounding classic melodies, exotic dances, lively, refreshing instrumental music, colourful, bright, beautiful costumes, and breathtaking songs led the audience into Russia, starting a journey to the memory of high spirits.

Alexandrov Ensemble gave a soul-stirring top-class Russian dancing and singing performance
Photo by WANG Xiaojing

That evening, the male choir of the Alexandrov Ensemble first came on the stage, and performed two magnificent military songs—Invincible and Legendary and The Sacred War, accompanied by the orchestra. Invincible and Legendary is a battle song composed by Alexander Vasiliev Alexandrov, the founder of Alexandrov Ensemble, in 1943, later widely-sung as the Soviet army’s song. The Alexandrov Ensemble kicking off the concert with the song confirms an indomitable spirit to stand erect despite one challenge after another. The Sacred War, also composed by Alexandrov, has shown up in many works of the Chinese military theme, including the famous spy-themed TV series Lurk.

Exotic dance with unique Russian flavour was presented
Photo by WANG Xiaojing

Upon its prelude, the song struck a chord with the audience. Following the two choruses was famous Russian composer Sedoy’s masterpiece In a Sunny Forest Clearing/Meadow, which was sung by Vadim Ananiev, a meritorious actor and famous tenor of Russia who had paid many earlier visits to China with the troupe, as well as two Russian folk songs—Peddlers and Kalinka, which were sung in the second half. The singing won warm applause from the audience. Ananiev said, “In Alexandrov Ensemble’s repertoire there are romantic and patriotic songs of the military and national themes, such as Peddlers and Kalinka, which express love and patriotism.” Besides, the singers at the Alexandrov Ensemble sang fascinating arias from classic Western operas Carmen and Turandot on stage, showing how the troupe can perform a variety of works. When there was only room for three programmes at the end of the performance, the male choir sang the Chinese song I Am A Soldier with passion, their spirited outlook revealing Alexandrov Ensemble’s single-hearted visit to China; choruses Katyusha and Moscow Nights, sung by the whole troupe, touched the audience so much. When the choruses were sung in a soft voice, beautiful melodies aroused the audience’s most precious nostalgic memories, and they gave their high regards to the Alexandrov Ensemble with extravagant applause.

Alexandrov Ensemble’s repertoire expressed love and patriotism
Photo by WANG Xiaojing

Aside from the brilliant performance given by the singers and choir, the 23 dancers of the Alexandrov Ensemble performed dances with Russian characteristics that evening. One dazzling lively dance after another performed in colorful costumes, such as the Cossack, Winter, Festival March, Moldova Dance, and The Collection of Russian National Dances, which constituted an exquisite performance with distinctive Russian characteristics. The Cossack showed the male dancers’ superb skills and the female dancers’ passions. In The Collection of Russian National Dances, the dancers performed a lively “group dance”, “scarf dance”, “cart driving dance” and “tap dance”, accompanied by the orchestra, creating a warm and festive atmosphere. Reportedly, all 23 dancers are “new members” of the reorganized Alexandrov Ensemble. Despite their short membership, they showed much composure, steadiness and superb skills in the first performance, which undoubtedly reveals the troupe’s consistent high-performance level.

The performance was featured with high spirit and passion
Photo by WANG Xiaojing

As an important pillar of Alexandrov Ensemble, the orchestra also left a deep impression on the audience. Balalaika and bayan brought out the best in each other with Western wind instruments, the multiple changes in timbre and diversified instrumental performances had been fused perfectly with distinctive singing and dancing, bringing out a “positive engergy” of the entire performance in a high-spirited and passionate manner.

On January 5th-7th, Alexandrov Ensemble will give four wonderful performances at the NCPA.

Alexandrov Ensemble Gala

Alexandrov Ensemble Gala



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