Drama A Song of Guangling is staged for NCPA International Theatre Festival 2018

NCPA June/15/2018
On July 14th-15th, 2018, drama A Song of Guangling, presented by traditional Chinese opera masters, will be unveiled at the NCPA Theatre. As the first to greet audiences in Section of “Chinese Stories” during NCPA International Theatre Festival 2018, drama A Song of Guangling focuses on JI Kang, one of “Seven Saints of Bamboo Groves” in China’s history. The work not only gives a collective portrait of scholars during the Wei and Jin Dynasties, but demonstrates Chinese scholars’ spiritual essences and Wei-Jin Demeanor with respective personalities.

On July 14th-15th, drama A Song of Guangling will be unveiled at the NCPA Theatre

The all-star creative team of this drama consists of Artistic Director XU Ying, playwright TANG Ling, director ZHOU Long, composer GUO Wenjing, costume and cosmetics Designer MA Defan and other artists. Around the protagonist JI Kang(a prestigious leader of literary circles), this drama gives a collective portrait of scholars during the Wei and Jin Dynasties. In conflicts between JI and SIMA Family, in the context of irreconcilable fate, justice and evil, gentlemen and villains, beauty and destruction are revealed in, while glory and weakness of human nature are presented in a two-pronged manner. In order to save his friend LÜ An framed up and caught in jail, JI never hesitates to kick against the pricks, and has to embark on a road of no return. Just before execution, JI calmly plays the guqin, looks up to heaven and sighs: “A Song of Guangling disappears from now on!”

A Song of Guangling focuses on JI Kang, one of “Seven Saints of Bamboo Groves” in China’s history

The drama A Song of Guangling explores the integration of traditional Chinese opera art and drama art, and gives birth to the work with both classical charm and modern aesthetic temperament. All roles are played by traditional opera performers, who blend “song, speech, performance and acrobatics fighting” into the “sound, stage effect, shape and appearance” of the drama, and highlight different temperaments of various roles through the natural expression of de-stylization.

Still of A Song of Guangling

A Song of Guangling itself is a guqin masterpiece. JI Kang, RUAN Ji and RUAN Xian used to be great musicians. The drama tries to take advantage of appropriate musical colours and contemporary dance techniques. In terms of stage setting, the simple setting and multi-dimensional lighting will endow the stage with poetic atmosphere, offering a dramatic space to follow suit with a grand style of the Wei and Jin Dynasties and comply with modern aesthetics.

Jointly produced by the Beijing Artists Management Corp., Ltd., Shengxi (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Foreign Culture Exchanges, drama A Song of Guangling wins support from both the China National Arts Fund 2017 and Beijing Cultural Arts Fund. From July 3t to August 1st, 2018, The Chinese Orphan presented by Northern Kunqu Opera Theatre will be staged following A Song of Guangling. YUAN Guoliang, GU Weiying, and other masters will retell the thought-provoking historical story. During September 13th-15th, 2018, the NCPA International Theatre Festival 2018 will conclude with SHANG Yang as a part of Section of “Chinese Stories”, which is directed by Chinese director CHEN Xinyi.

Drama A Song of Guangling

Drama A Song of Guangling



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