The NCPA revives Verdi's opera Aida

NCPA September/30/2018
On October 23rd-28th, NCPA opera Aida will be revived. Maestro Daniel Oren will take the baton, with sopranos HE Hui and SUN Xiuwei playing Aida. Hero Radames will be played by Carlo Ventre and Chinese tenor Warren Mok.

Aida tells a tragic love story intertwined with life and death, love and hatred.

In celebration of the inauguration of the Cairo Opera Theatre, Aida, composed by Verdi with his outstanding talents, is forever remembered in the long history of opera. Premiered in 1871, it tells a tragic love story intertwined with life and death, love and hatred that takes place in Pharaonic times, which elicits insightful reflections on love, war and honour.

Aida is one of the most staged operas in opera houses worldwide.

In the representative work created in his heyday, Verdi depicts the characters’ psychological contradictions, jealousy and melancholy with intense musical theatricality. His Grand March and Gloria all’Egittoare quite popular classical masterpieces, and arias such as Celeste Aida and O Patria Mia are also beloved by audiences from all over the world.

Stage director and his creative team unfold a vivid Egyptian for the audience.

2015 saw the premiere of NCPA opera Aida, which is directed by Italian stage director Francesco Micheli. Ezio Frigerio and Franca Squarciapino, design masters and the Academy Award winners, serve as the set designer and costume designer respectively. The majestic ancient Egyptian temple, beautiful Nile, tall “sheepshead-shaped battleships”, scorching North African desert—the ancient Egyptian natural and cultural landscape is reconstructed by 3D projection on the magnificent and well-designed stage, where the artists perform Verdi’s music wonderfully, telling the audience a poignant love tale in a classical realistic style.

The first round of the NCPA's Aida received warm acclaims.

After the first round, the sophisticated staging and machinery technique became a paragon explored and researched among opera circles. Maestro Zubin Mehta gasped in admiration: Maybe it is 95% audience’s first time watching Aida on the scene. After watching the NCPA version, they will feel disappointed to view other versions around the world.

Chinese and foreign singers will collaborate together to present a revival of Aida next month.

The revived Aida will also star Chinese and foreign singers including Daniela Barcellona, YANG Guang, Sergey Murzaev, ZHANG Feng, TIAN Haojiang and Giorgio Giuseppini. Besides, the NCPA has invited Luisa Ieluzzi, Principal Dancer at Teatro di San Carlo Ballet Company, to perform classic dances following Grand March in Act Ⅱ.

October 7th will witness soprano HE Hui's vocal recital, who sings Aida in the NCPA production.

HE Hui will hold a solo concert with pianist Roberto Corliano and Arena of Verona String Quartet at the NCPA Concert Hall on October 7th to repay audiences for their great love over the past two decades.

NCPA Opera Aida

NCPA Opera Aida

HE Hui & Verona Quartet

HE Hui & Verona Quartet



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