NCPA kicked off the first “Weekend Concert” in 2019

NCPA January/07/2019
On the morning of January 6th, 2019, the first performance of the NCPA “Weekend Concert” 2019 was held on schedule. NCPA Orchestra and guzheng performer JI Wei presented Chinese and foreign classics under the baton of LI Haoran to 1,800 audiences.

Guzheng Concerto High Mountain and Flowing River and Fishing Boat in the Evening demonstrate unique charms of Chinese traditional culture. Pictures at an Exhibition, composed by Mussorgsky, radiates fascinating style of symphony.

Before the beginning of the concert, the conductor LI Haoran explained to the audience about the creation background and appreciation knowledge of the two traditional repertoires High Mountain and Flowing River and Fishing Boat in the Evening. Accompanied by the China NCPA Orchestra, JI Wei demonstrated some excerpts.

As one of the important brands of the NCPA Education and Outreach, “Weekend Concert” has already witnessed an 11-year glory, and has offered more than 500 performances to the audience.

The presentation mode of “Combination of Performance and Explanation” allows the audience not only to enjoy artistic appreciation experience, but also gain deeper understandings of “the past and the present” of both traditional songs. In addition to these “Chinese-style” repertoires, “Weekend Concert” also brought Pictures at an Exhibition, a Western classic composed by Mussorgsky.

Conductor LI Haoran previously joined hands with the world-class symphony orchestras such as Konzerthausorchester Berlin, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin. LI Haoran still made rigorous preparations for his debut in “Weekend Concert”.

In order to help the audience better understand the repertoires, LI Haoran broke down the themes one by one and opened the door for the audience to approach the symphony. Under his meticulous “analysis” for various section, the magical “secret” of symphony was uncovered by children.

“Combination of Performance and Explanation and Equal Emphasis on Appreciation and Analysis” is a consistent feature of “Weekend Concert”. “A series of weekend concerts will be held in 2019, with a view to presenting on-site instructions and repertoire explanations of famous conductors, performers and other famous artists, and attracting more audiences and especially children to take a closer look at art, appreciate art and to savor the charm of art in daily life.

“Family Concert Series” on January 6th also raised the curtain for “Weekend Concert” of the whole year of 2019. In 2019, NCPA specially launches “Chinese Works Series in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the PRC”, “Family Concert Series”, “Classical Masterpiece Series”, “Chinese Folk Music Series”, “Unforgettable Symphony Series” and “Classical Chorus Series” with a total of more than 50 performances. NCPA audiences can enjoy special privileges of high quality and lower-priced ticket.

The year of 2019 marks the 70th Anniversary of the PRC. “Chinese Musical Works Series in Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the PRC” is specially arranged for “Weekend Concert”. Through the live performances of symphony orchestras and choirs, these concerts will introduce the outstanding musical works of renowned domestic composers since 1949, to sparkle the spirit of the times and eulogize the new look of the times. On March 3rd, “Evolution of Light and Shadow and Dialogue between the Ancient and Modern Times—Concert of Chinese Contemporary Dance Drama and Film Music Appreciation” will present excerpts of the ballet Dunhuang, excerpts of ballet The Red Detachment of Women, theme song Long Live the People of the film The Birth of New China and other works. This concert will reminisce all audiences of eventful years.

“Family Concert Series” is another focus of “Weekend Concert” in 2019. Through popular symphonic sketches, interesting animated music, wonderful chorus works and familiar Chinese melodies, “Family Concert Series” will popularize music knowledge for the majority of children and youth, help them appreciate music tracks and cultivate their musical appreciation quality. In addition, this series will also be a “classical music beginner course” specially designed for children and their parents. On January 13th, “Fairy Tales in Children’s Eyes—Concert of World Classical Animations” will resound with The Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Lion King, My Neighbor Totoro and other popular classical animation melodies. On January 20th, “World-class Picture Book Master Janosch’s Scenario Concert: Josa and Magical Violin” will combine instrumental playing, picture book and interaction, making use of HD projection to introduce an interesting storybook under accompanying live music, and immerse children into unlimited imaginations in the music and picture world.

In order to spread Chinese traditional culture, carry forward the Chinese spirit and promote national art, “Chinese Folk Music Series” will select such folk music classics that are the most worthy of listening to. Audiences can be riveted with the profound traditional music culture. On January 27th, “Golden Melodies on the Eve of the Lunar New Year—Concert of National Orchestral Works” will bring together traditional Chinese musical instruments (such as erhu, lusheng, gaohu, suona, bamboo flute and Jinghu). Festive Overture and Dance of Golden Snake will add strong festive atmosphere for the upcoming lunar New Year. The Moon Shadow in Er Quan and Fantasia for Theme of the Butterfly Lovers will also showcase unique charms of traditional music.

Furthermore, “Classical Masterpiece Series” will centre on 1,000 classics in Music Store of the NCPA Classical Music Channel, and offer the audience with a feast of short and exquisite world classics under classification of musical periods, composers, genres, etc. “Unforgettable Symphony Series” will pool domestic and foreign classical symphonic works worth listening to. “Classical Chorus Series” will cover mixed chorus, male chorus, children’s chorus and other chorus series, and highlight classical opera arias, Chinese and foreign art songs, Chinese original classics, Chinese folk songs, etc.

In the future, the “Weekend Concert” will continue to follow the people-oriented keynote of “Famous Masters, Renowned Groups and Low Ticket Prices”, adhere to the direction of public benefit, offer an art feast in reward for public concern, and afford the elegant art with an opportunity to embrace ordinary people.



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