Valentina Lisitsa to play the melody of love

NCPA February/01/2019
On February 14th, pianist Valentina Lisitsa will give her debut at the NCPA “Piano Virtuosos 2019” in a melody of classical pieces including Bach’s Aria on the G string, Beethoven’s For Elise and “Moonlight” Sonata, and Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

Pianist Valentina Lisitsa

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Valentina Lisitsa started to learn the piano at the age of three and gave a piano recital at the age of four. Later, she studied systematically at the Kiev Conservatory, acquiring amazing performing skills.

She posted her first video on YouTube in 2007, a recording of the Étude, Op. 39/6 by Sergei Rachmaninoff. The views increased staggeringly; more videos followed. Besides, Lisitsa often gives performances on the streets, holding a mini-recital with one piano and pedestrians standing around in two or three rows. So, she ranked among the most “popular” classical pianists. In 2012, when she was to give a recital in the Royal Albert Hall, the audience selected their favourite pieces by Internet voting to decide her repertoire. Since then, audience participation has gradually become the most striking part of her signatures.

Pianist Valentina Lisitsa

At the recital on February 14th, Valentina Lisitsa will play a series of well-known classical piano pieces. In the first half, the audience will first hear Bach’s popular Aria on the G string, followed by For Elise and “Moonlight” Sonata. The two pieces, one of which is “lyrical, while the other being lively”, will be played to reveal the perfect form and profound connotations of Beethoven’s music. The Hungarian Rhapsody is the most representative work of Liszt. Under the theme of a Hungarian folk song, the composer reveals Hungarians’ optimistic and unconstrained national character in the album in the piano-specific musical language. Lisitsa will perform Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-sharp Minor.

In the second half, Lisitsa will perform Rachmaninoff’s Three Preludes (Prelude in G Major, Prelude in G-sharp Minor and Prelude in G Minor). Among the finales there are “Waltz of Flowers” and “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, two romantic and childlike pieces from Tchaikovsky’s dance drama The Nutcracker. Sweet and beautiful melodies will be played on the day full of love.

Valentina Lisitsa Piano Recital

Valentina Lisitsa Piano Recital



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