NCPA May Festival 2019 “Wind Chamber Music in Spring”

NCPA April/30/2019
From May 2nd to 18th, the NCPA May Festival 2019 will kick off with the theme, “Wind Chamber Music in Spring”. On May 5th, trumpeter Gábor Boldoczki will stage performance with Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra; on the 12th, Chinese sheng player WU Wei will appear with the Holland Baroque Orchestra; on 16th, Stefan Temmingh will cooperate with the I Musici.

The trumpeter Gábor Boldoczki will appear at the opening ceremony of the NCPA May Festival 2019 on May 3rd. Then on May 5th, Gábor will cooperate with the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra to give a concert as his second performance at the NCPA May Festival.

Trumpeter Gábor Boldoczki

Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
Gábor carried off the first prize in the National Trumpet Competition, Hungary at 14, then won the ARD International Music Competition in Munich and got the first award in the Third International Maurice André International Trumpet Competition, an authoritative trumpet competition in the world. Founded in 1963 by graduates of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, Hungary has inherited the essence of Hungarian classical musical culture. The chamber orchestra will play Dvorak’s classic chamber music Two Waltzes for Strings and Serenade for Strings in E Major, and Bohemian composer Franz Benda’s Symphony No. 2 in G Major. Then it will perform Neruda’s Concerto for Trumpet and Stringsin E-flat Major, Hummel’s Introduction, Theme and Variations in F Minor, Op. 102 (orig. for oboe), and Vaňhal’s Concerto in F Major (orig. double bass concerto) with Gábor.

Sheng performer WU Wei
On May 12th, sheng performer WU Wei will appear at the NCPA with the Holland Baroque Orchestra.

At this year’s May Festival, themed with wind music, the NCPA will not only stage high-level performances of Western wind music, but also be devoted to showcasing the charms of traditional Chinese wind instruments. The sheng is an ancient Chinese wind instrument that is different from most other Chinese and foreign wind instruments that can be used to make harmony.

As an internationally renowned sheng performer, WU Wei has promoted the sheng to the world stage and devoted himself to composing modern sheng pieces by integrating the traditional elements into modern music, becoming the first person to succeed in playing modern music, jazz and improvised music on the sheng. In the past two decades, he has played modern works by many world-famous composers, and prestigious Western composers alone have composed more than 80 modern sheng pieces for him.

Holland Baroque Orchestra

The Holland Baroque Orchestra will join hands with performer WU Wei to perform adapted concertos for sheng, including Baroque chamber music pieces, such as Rameau’s Tristes Apprêts, Telemann’s Polonaise and Harlequinade, and Bach’s Andante and Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C Minor, and well-known Chinese works, such as LIU Tianhua’s Beautiful Night and MAO Yuan’s Dance of the Yao Tribe.

Recorder player Stefan Temmingh

On May 16th, the recorder player Stefan Temmingh will share the stage with the I Musici to give a concert themed, “Baroque in the Flute”.

Stefan Temmingh is a new generation of world-class recorder virtuoso. Founded in 1951, the I Musici is an “old friend” to the NCPA May Festival, and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons in its performance is a unique classic in music lovers’ eyes. As early as 1955, the orchestra recorded the unprecedented masterpiece The Four Seasons, and more than 25 million records of different versions were sold, setting a new record in the world’s classical circles.

I Musici

In the first half of the concert, Stefan Temmingh will work with the I Musici to perform classic concertos composed during the Baroque Period, such as Vivaldi’s Concerto in D Minor, RV127, Corelli’s Concerto per flauto in F Major and Montanari’s Recorder Concerto in B-flat Major. In the second half, the I Musici will perform the much-anticipated “extreme edition” of The Four Seasons.

Gábor Boldoczki & Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

Gábor Boldoczki & Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

WU Wei & Holland Baroque

WU Wei & Holland Baroque

Stefan Temmingh & I Musici

Stefan Temmingh & I Musici



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