Stage Art and Creative Technology Creates Ultra-HD and Immersive Viewing Experience

NCPA May/13/2019
On May 11th, NCPA dance drama commission The Railway to Tibet was live streamed via multiple channels including the Capital Cinema, mobile APPs and TV screen. The world’s first “4K+5G” theatrical broadcast achieved a success in the Onyx 9 Hall of the Capital Cinema. The event presented by the NCPA, China Mobile, Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Tianqiao Zenith Investment Group Co., Ltd., kicked off at the Capital Cinema.

With strong support of China Mobile, the advanced 5G transmission technology was adopted for live broadcasting. The 5G transmission rate is 10 times as high as 4G, whereas the time delay is just one tenth of the latter. Guaranteed by the 5G network, the 4K live broadcasting quality became better, with the frame rate at a high level - 50fps, and every frame interval as short as 0.02, making the viewing experience more fluent.

“So amazing! The dancers’ expressions were very clear. Especially the beginning of the performance moved me deeply. The story of three generations persisting in road construction on the ultra-HD screen, looking fantastically inspiring, “said an audience.

At the same time, the performance was also available on live-streaming platforms including,, Migu Music Mobile App and China Mobile CM101S. “Such a live broadcasting mode shortened the distance between audience and the stage, enabling more people to watch the NCPA’s exquisite stage art in different places simultaneously.”

In the Capital Cinema Display Area, an 8K screen provided by BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. particularly dazzled the eyes. The NCPA dance drama commission The Railway to Tibet, a short film made and post-produced with the currently state-of-the-art 8K camera chain, offered by the Ultra HD (Beijing) Collaboration Centre, was perfectly presented on this 75" screen.

The BOE 8K Ultra HD display, equipped with the unique ADSDS super-hard screen technology and high dynamic range technology (HDR), provides a wide viewing angle, ultra low power and million-level super contrast while ensuring high picture quality under 8K.

8K makes pictures more fluent. Compared with HD and 4K, 8K broadens the viewing field by 2-3 times, making it similar to the visual field in which the human eyes observe the world, and thus rendering the audience immersive.

In addition to the 8K TV, VR and 5G mobile phones were also showcased in the display area, showing the audience future science and technology. As for VR experience, the audience watched the NCPA opera commission The Dawns Here Are Quiet through VR, and that might be how they would watch performances at home in the future. The high speed of the 5G mobile phone had 4K pictures presented much better, and the dance drama The Railway to Tibet was played more fluently.

In May this year, when the dance drama The Railway to Tibet was to be staged for a sixth round, the NCPA worked with Beijing Film Academy in making the dance drama into a film with “4K” technology in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. It is also China’s first 4K dance drama film.

The Railway to Tibet, a national dance drama commission that the NCPA spent three years producing, has received endless praise from insiders and audiences. This dance drama of the realistic theme set in the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, a major project implemented after the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up, eulogizes the Han-Tibetan friendship and demonstrates the look of the Reform and Opening-up. From May 24th to 25th, the dance drama The Railway to Tibet will go to Shanghai on behalf of Beijing to contend for the 16th “Wenhua Award” at the 12th Shanghai China Art Festival.

The NCPA launched an “opera film” production programme in 2013. Thus far it has released 28 stage art films and shown them for more than 1,400 times in 19 provinces and cities of China, promoting the popularization of the refined art. The NCPA was the first to upgrade HD and Dolby Surround, a film production technology standard the same as their international counterparts’, to 4K and Dolby Atmos. It’s committed to guiding innovative practice in art communication with high technology.

As China’s first art institution to start producing opera films, the NCPA has applied technology to art, it enabling common people to watch the global art classics staged by the NCPA at their doors. Meanwhile, other activities, such as meetings with production teams and appreciation conferences, have been carried out.

“The refined art’s fusion with high and new technology has made itself reachable to the people. We hope to explore a new way of industrializing the stage art with the help of the latest technology. We believe that with wide applications of high technology, stage art resources will be marketed in more ways in the future,” said ZHAO Jiachen, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the NCPA.

Over the years, the NCPA has kept developing itself into a palace of art that is kind to the people, considerate to the people and beneficial to the people, constantly enhancing a wide array of audience’s cultural sense of gain through a series of innovative measures.


The Railway to Tibet

The Railway to Tibet



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