Modern Dances will be staged by Acosta Dance Company

NCPA September/26/2019
From October 15th to 16th, a collection of modern dances produced by Sadler’s Wells Theatre and performed by the Acosta Dance Company will be staged at the NCPA Theatre to showcase contemporary choreographers’ talents as a highlight of the NCPA Dance Festival 2019.

The international ballet superstar Carlos Acosta was born in Havana, Cuba in 1973. With his gift for dance, he shone on the world’s ballet stage. This time, the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, a well-known dance theatre from London, will appear as the producer and join hands with the Acosta Ballet Company to perform four excellent ballet works composed by world renowned contemporary choreographers. The Sadler’s Wells Theatre is an advanced dance studio in the world. Its production Life in Progress, which starred Sylvie Guillem in her farewell performance, was staged at the NCPA Dance Festival in October 2015, becoming well-known to Chinese audiences.

The Acosta Ballet Company will perform four new and old works in the upcoming performance. The Swedish choreographer Pontus Lidberg created the modern ballet Beautiful Scenery - A Moment - Night with an inspiration from traditional Cuban music. Pontus Lidberg is a wildly imaginative and creative contemporary dancing artist. He has carried off many awards for his dance film Rain. The Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero, a former chief dancer at the Ballet of Staatskapelle Berlin, created Inestimable based on Cuban ballads. The work depicts something inestimable to human beings in their daily life, such as the weight of spirit, emotion and soul, etc. Another choreographer active in the European dance world, Jorge Crecis, created the sports dance Twelve based on his major, professional sports. The work presents a “universe” composed of complicated numbers and figures. 12 dancers overcome their bodily and mental resistance on stage to make impossible movements, create an impossible stage and explore limits to the human body. The most anticipated part of the performance is The Rooster, a modern ballet created by Christopher Bruce that stars Acosta.


Dances by Acosta Danza Presented by Sadler's Wells Theatre

Dances by Acosta Danza Presented by Sadler's Wells Theatre



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