Three dance dramas to be staged in September

NCPA September/04/2020
The NCPA will present three dance dramas in September, promising a treat for audiences.

Large-scale original ballet Like Flowers by the National Ballet of China will premiere at the Opera House from September 11th to 13th. The ballet tells a humorous tale about poverty alleviation in a remote Miao village from the perspective of Miao girl Aduo. The arrival of HE Lin, a beautiful and energetic volunteer, brings a big stir to the lives of poor villagers in a remote Miao village. HE Lin not only has to solve problems on poverty alleviation in the village, but also has to transform the passive attitudes of villagers and carry out poverty alleviation with Ashan and others.

From September 16th to 18th, Chinese classical dance drama CAO Xueqin, produced by the Publicity Department of the CPC Haidian District Committee, will debut at the Zhongguancun Dance Festival 2020. Based on CAO's special life experiences, a man who was born rich but died poor, the choreography of the dance drama uses the techniques of time reversal and space-time intertwining, breaking the boundaries of time and space, representing the hero’s journey of writing A Dream of Red Mansions, and recreating his turbulent life.

On September 22nd-23rd, The Red Detachment of Women by the National Ballet of China will yet again appear on stage of the Opera House as one of the dance dramas showcased at “Zhongguancun Dance Festival 2020”. With the unique charm of Chinese ballet, this work demonstrates the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people and brings back the memories of struggle during the war years.

National Ballet of China Like Flowers

National Ballet of China Like Flowers

Dance Drama CAO Xueqin

Dance Drama CAO Xueqin

National Ballet of China The Red Detachment of Women

National Ballet of China The Red Detachment of Women



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