NCPA opera La Traviata to come on resoundingly

NCPA March/22/2021
This world classic opera produced by NCPA is to be restaged in the Opera House after a lapse of 16 months.

2021 marks the 120th anniversary of composer Giuseppe Verdi’s death. In homage to this great composer, NCPA production of Verdi’s opera La Traviata will be put on for a sixth time from April 5th to April 11th, which will unveil the curtain of the NCPA Opera Festival.

This classical opera boasts a combination of Alexandre Dumas fils’ and Verdi’s sincere feelings and artistic talents. From a theatrical perspective, the characters are depicted meticulously in this opera, which is fascinating from beginning to end as the story unfolds. Musically, the opera portrays Violetta to the accompaniment of Verdi’s music full of humanity, with her story told to us. Other well-known arias, including Libiamo ne’ lieti calici, Sempre libera, Pura siccome un angelo, Addio del passato, etc., which can be seen in all opera singers’ repertoires, are also very popular with the audience.

NCPA opera La Traviata has been deeply loved by the audience since its premiere. In particular, the director Henning Brockhous’ deep interpretation of the characters’ motivations, true mental states and conflicts gets the audience thinking profoundly while makes the opera more attractive and stunning. The premiere version will be staged this time to make a new miracle on the stage.

The famous conductor YU Long will raise his baton over the performance of NCPA La Traviata for a second time. ZHANG Liping, SHI Yijie and LIAO Changyong will share the stage with NCPA resident opera singers ZHOU Xiaolin, KOU Jing and ZHANG Yang. The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and China NCPA Chorus will also join the performance of this classic of pure love.

NCPA Opera La Traviata

NCPA Opera La Traviata



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