NCPA signed strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Tourism Group

NCPA March/30/2021
On March 23rd, the NCPA and Beijing Tourism Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Taking the cooperation in Taihu Performing Arts Town as an opportunity, the two parties will join hands to open a new chapter for integrated development of culture and tourism. WANG Ning, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee and President of the NCPA, LI Zhixiang, ZHAO Tiechun, WANG Cheng and GONG Jicheng, Vice Presidents of the NCPA, LI Jin, Leader of the NCPA, SONG Yu, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the Beijing Tourism Group, GAO Fei and GUO Yonghao, Vice General Managers of the Group, attended the ceremony.

The construction of the Taihu Performing Arts Town is a key task that the Beijing Municipal Government is highly concerned about. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement signifies that the Beijing Tourism Group and NCPA will work together to deploy and explore multiple resources of the Taihu Performing Arts town, NCPA Taihu Art Centre and Universal Beijing Resort, giving full play to the spillover effect of Universal Studios and jointly contributing to the development of Beijing’s tourism industry and cultural and artistic undertakings.

WANG Ning, President of the NCPA, said, “This year marks the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan. We hope that after the signing of the agreement, both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and integrate complementary resources to develop new types of cultural tourism products, promote the in-depth cooperation in the joint development of the Universal Beijing Resort, Taihu Performing Arts Town and the NCPA Taihu Art Centre, so that tourism and culture can become attractive highlights in Beijing.”

SONG Yu, Secretary of the CPC Committee and Chairman of the Beijing Tourism Group, added, “The signing of the agreement marks the beginning of mutual benefits, information sharing and win-win cooperation between the two parties. The Beijing Tourism Group will take full advantage of the cooperation between the Universal Beijing Resort and the NCPA Taihu Art Centre, strive to build a new platform and system for cooperation between the two parties, actively tap the cooperative potential and explore new models for cultural and tourism cooperation.”



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