NCPA’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s drama A Doll’s House opens for the 12th round

NCPA November/19/2023
On November 18th, the NCPA’s production of Henrik Ibsen’s drama A Doll’s House kicked off its 12th round. The protagonist Nora makes her awakening declaration, slams the door, and leaves the house forever. The audience develops a strong resonance and deep thinking through this cross-time and space dialogue about love, marriage and freedom.

Drama A Doll's House

Drama A Doll’s House is a masterpiece by Norwegian playwright Henrik Johan Ibsen, and holds a profound influence on the development of ideology, literature and theatre in China. Ibsen’s unflinching vision of reality subverted inflexible moral judgement. It challenged the belief of the time, confronted the social, familial and moral values of 19th-century Europe and exposed the reality hidden beneath the surface of hypocrisy. Ibsen is recognized as the "Father of Realistic Drama". The NCPA production of this timeless drama was premiered in 2014.
The 12th round of performances features the NCPA Drama Ensemble including WANG Yiqing, SUN Lishi, FENG Yang, YANG Qi, WU Song and WANG Wenjie. The performers portray the psychological motives of the characters, showing distresses, traits and fates of people from different social classes. The performance will continue until November 24th.

Photos by ZHANG Siwei



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