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Alice Sara Ott  / Jan 17, 2017
“When I started discovering Grieg’s Lyric Pieces and the Ballade in G minor, I completely lost myself in his ‘magic world’. I lost my connection to time and reality and found myself awaking memories of my own childhood that I had almost forgotten... His music became my sanctuary and my playground. My own ‘wonderland’.”
Young pianist Alice Sara Ott has worked with the world’s leading conductors like Lorin Maazel and Myung-Whun Chung. She said that coupling Liszt Sonata and Grieg’s works at her recital gave her an opportunity to illustrate the friendship between these two great composers, who greatly respected and supported each other and yet couldn’t be more different. 

Emi Wada  / Dec 21, 2016
Emi Wada, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, recently started her role as the costume designer for NCPA drama King Lear. She has participated in three works of King Lear, including the Akira Kurosawa film Ran and an English stage play, but her design for this drama is “probably the best among the three”, she said.
"The costumes in this drama are all tailored to the personality of each character. For instance, the costumes of Goneril and Regan are in dangerous colors to symbolize their dishonesty to their father King Lear, while the costume of Cordelia is designed in white color to embody her candor".



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