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The Long March

After the failure of the 5th counter-campaign against encirclement and suppression in October 1934, the Red Army is about to depart from Ruijin, the capital of the Chinese Soviet Republic. After receiving the transfer order, Commander Zeng and Commissar Peng from a regiment of the Central Red Army cannot bear to abandon the sick and wounded to the enemy. Doctor Hong, the wife of Commissar Peng who has come to persuade the wounded soldiers to stay behind, tells him about the instructions she received to stay and look after the sick and wounded. Representing the revolutionary comrades, whether they are about to leave Ruijin or stay there, the couple about to part forever sing the aria I don’t know what to say. As the bugle signals their departure, the Red Army soldiers depart from Ruijin full of determination in the pursuit of their ideals, singing Victory is upon us, and the Red Army will come back.

In the Xiangjiang River Campaign, the Long March's deadliest campaign, the Red Army loses heavily to its enemy. 


After the Campaign, Commissar Peng stares at the soldiers fast asleep and sings In the cold night. He is determined to gather up the troops in low morale to bravely march forward for their ideals. Upon reflection, the soldiers join in the chorus.


The Red Army, after entering Zunyi during the night, gains a hard-won opportunity for conservation and consolidation. The troops deal fairly with the merchants, and the soldiers and publicity officials organize a slogan-writing competition. As the warm atmosphere dies down, the Zunyi Meeting announcement is proclaimed late that night, stating that Committee Member Mao Zedong has joined the central leadership, which marks a historic turning point in the Chinese revolution.


Following many episodes of encirclement, pursuit, obstruction and interception by the enemy, the Red Army is at a critical juncture. Commander Zeng and Commissar Peng lead the troops on an astonishing long-range raid of 120 km over the course of an entire day. After the chorus Song of the long-range raid, the soldiers successfully seize Luding Bridge in a single assault, marking the successful breakout of the Red Army's main force.


Facing difficulties and hardships in snowy mountains and grasslands, the Red Army soldiers show their indomitable courage to fight for their ideals with the support of compatriots from various nations. For the safety of his comrades-in-arms, Soldier Ping Yazi bravely tastes the wild plants but is poisoned as a result. After falling behind, he gets lost in a swamp, and dies a heroic death after singing the aria I am so reluctant to leave you in his last breath, expressing his great attachment to the Red Army.


After numerous difficulties and obstacles, the Central Red Army, the Second Red Army, the Fourth Red Army and the Northern Shaanxi Red Army eventually join forces triumphantly in Huining County at the border of Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. Unfortunately, after the soldiers sing in chorus celebrating their reunion, Commissar Peng receives the last letter written by his wife Doctor Hong before she was executed. This final letter significantly motivates the soldiers. The opera ends with the chorus Long live the Long March.

Film Name: The Long March(2017)
Composer: YIN Qing
Conductor: LÜ Jia
Film Director: HOU Keming, WANG Ying

Language: Chinese
Time: 176 mins
Presenter: NCPA
Executive Presenter: CHEN Ping
Performed by China NCPA Orchestra, China NCPA Chorus
Cast: YAN Weiwen, WANG Haitao, WANG Hongwei, WANG Zhe, et al.

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