In 1935, the Azalea Mountain, located in Jiangxi, is heavy with white terror. The female communist TIAN Yumei escapes with her life from the execution ground under the cover of the old Party branch secretary. She reaches MA Jiahui, former secretary of the District Party Committee, and reports to him a secret told by the old Party branch secretary just before his execution—there is a traitor in the Party organisation. However, she does not know that MA Jiahui is the traitor. MA Jiahui colludes with a regimental commander of the Kuomintang in setting a trap to maul the guerrilla forces heavily, and frames Yumei for treason. At this critical juncture, Yumei, who is misunderstood, clears up her uncle-in-law’s doubts. Undaunted by perils, Yumei returns to the lion’s mouth and rekindles the fire of revolution in the heart of Guiying, MA Jiahui’s wife, who is almost reduced to despair. Guiying testifies against her husband MA Jiahui.

In the alpine bamboo groves, Yumei, the uncle-in-law and Guiying are planning to report the state of the enemy to guerrilla forces, but they have departed. At the critical moment when they’re losing contact with the superior, they form a combat squad voluntarily. The uncle-in-law comes forward to risk taking the message to the depth of the mountains. After receiving it, the guerrilla forces launch a counterattack on the enemy by artifice. While gathering salt, Yumei and Guiying encounter MA Jiahui. Courageously, they work together to kill the traitor, but Guiying gets shot and killed. Unexpectedly, the gunshots attract the Kuomintang. In order that CHENG should get away unscathed under her cover, Yumei is arrested by the Kuomintang and forced to lead the way to the guerrilla forces. Being fearless of death for a just cause, Yumei dies a martyr with her revolutionary ideals. Her immortal revolutionary spirit is turned into azaleas in full bloom all over the mountains.


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