Over 100 million views for three NCPA “Spring Online” concerts

NCPA April/27/2020
At 19:30 pm on the evening of April 25th, 2020, the third “Spring Online” concert greeted audiences on the NCPA Classical Music Channel and major online platforms as scheduled. The stream carried out by 63 online platform ports with 37 medias included, has gained 38 million hits. So far, all three online concerts have gained more than 100 million hits.

The third “Spring Online” concert greeted audiences as scheduled
Photo by NIU Xiaobei

The concert kicked off with the pre-concert guide by conductor LÜ Jia, Music Director and Artistic Director of the NCPA. The artists of the China NCPA Orchestra once again impressed all audiences with Horn Trio by Brahms and Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch. When the melody of You and Me came out from eight cellos, online audiences marveled at a duo dance by the dancing couple WANG Zhenbing and LI Mo in public space on the first floor of the NCPA.

Although a cello ensemble version of You and Me is a commission work by composer CHEN Qigang for Sydney Symphony Orchestra, it was the first time that You and Me was presented with eight cellos. According to CHEN, “I am quite stunned after appreciating this cello octet version. During this special period of COVID-19 epidemic, the NCPA provides this hard-won platform for artists and audiences, with a view to expound on the greatest ideal of our humanity through this work: Friendship and Coexistence”. WANG Zhenbing and LI Mo, starring in the duo dance, also expressed: “This dance work is highly expected to tell everybody—Love can surmount all obstacles and help weather the storm. We should join hands with all people around us and advance together.”.

A duo dance by the dancing couple WANG Zhenbing and LI Mo
Photo by NIU Xiaobei

Many domestic and foreign professionals and music fans acclaimed and favored the online concert. CHEN Li, a music critic residing in New Zealand, praised: “Cello ensemble of You and Me profoundly expresses the desire of human community to jointly pursue the worldwide friendship and peace despite the ongoing international epidemic. The concert not only pays tribute to classic works and wonderful performances, but also stimulates the audiences to deeply reflect on and turn enlightened for life. The significance of the concert goes beyond a high-level music performance. ”. DUAN Zhaoxu, Associate Professor at Department of Music, School of Art and Communication, Beijing Normal University, described the impression: “NCPA once again offers the audience a high-quality performance and repertoire arrangement. A dance work with tint of the times is added into You and Me so that auditory and visual beauty complements each other, while lens advantage is brought into full play”. According to director, planner and music critic CHENG Hui, “Innermost communication is carried out between classical artworks , young artists and audiences in an extraordinary way during the current challenging times.”.

“Spring Online” concerts has become must-see for audiences every week
Photo by NIU Xiaobei

The “Spring Online” concert won high acclaim. Many netizens have expressed that they look forward to every performance of this musical series with the mindset of binge-watching. “Spring Online” concerts has become must-see for them every week. Even some netizens call for it to continue on. On May 2nd, 2020, the fourth concert of this musical series will immerse audiences yet again with charming music. Under the baton of conductor LÜ Jia, Adagio for Strings by Barber, Divertimento in E-Flat Major and Serenade in G Major by Mozart will be presented one by one.



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