A theme concert to celebrate International Nurses Day 2020

NCPA May/12/2020
On May 12th, 2020, a concert for International Nurses Day 2020, jointly produced by the NCPA and Beijing Media Network, will be presented as a part of NCPA “Sound of Summer Blooms” Online Concerts Series.

During the epidemic period, more than 42,000 healthcare workers of more than 340 medical teams from across the country fought against the COVID-19 epidemic in the frontline of Hubei, including 138 healthcare workers of Beijing medical teams. Meanwhile, professionals of literary and art circles created many performing arts works in support of the ongoing fight. With two parts themed, “Heroes in the frontline” and “Triumphant Return in Spring Blossoms”, the concert will roll out works created by the NCPA and Beijing Media Network during the epidemic period. Representatives of Beijing healthcare workers and journalists, who hurried off to Wuhan, will be invited to greet audiences and share their stories as well.

Over the past two months, the NCPA eulogized heroes and life with successive ten arts works, with a total of more than 210 million hits until now. Among them, five works, Together We Stand, What Angels Say, The Figure of Angels, Sisters and Brothers and China Will Rise, will be dedicated to the upcoming concert by the NCPA Opera House Ensemble, NCPA Chorus and China NCPA Orchestra. In the premiere video of chorus work The Figure of Angels, the singers performed to an empty hall with masks on. In this concert, they will take off their masks to show their smiles and pay tribute to angels in white together with all audiences. Another chorus work What Angels Say was created by President of NCPA WANG Ning as lyricist and President of China Conservatory of Music WANG Liguang as composer, with more than 180 million hits for this online video as of the mid-April.

Beijing Media Network also launched various events during the epidemic period. The Performing Arts Channel presented a total of seven performing art works of three series centering on the fight against the epidemic, including song, poem recitation dubbed in background music and series of traditional Chinese opera works. A number of thematic activities were also held on the Internet. Host of Beijing TV XU Chunni and TAN Jianghai will recite a poem Lingering in Spring Rain. Two classical songs, Wuhan! Wuhan! and Love with Full of Power will resound on the stage again. Actress LIU Tao and actor HUANG Xiaoming, starring in both songs, will also share their insights about participating in song recording, and express their heartfelt wishes and blessings via the video. In the interview session, many healthcare workers and journalists, who have struggled hard in Wuhan for more than 70 days, will be invited to retrospect on the unforgettable moments.

At 7:30 PM on May 12th, the thematic concert will be streamed by the Performing Arts Channel of Beijing Media Network, NCPA Classical Music Channel and many other online platforms, coupled with the audio broadcaster Beijing Music Radio in sync. Before the concert, XU Chunni will also interview and exchange views with Vice President of NCPA ZHAO Tiechun, some helthcare workers and journalists .



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