Special Concert to Celebrate International Museum Day 2020 kicks off

NCPA May/20/2020
On May 18th, “Amazing Harmony: Special Concert to Celebrate International Museum Day 2020” kicked off. From 19: 00 to 19: 30, host TAN Jianghai gave a pre-concert talk on the appreciation of the exhibits in the exhibition hall with FAN Di’an, Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association and President of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and WANG Zichu, a Chinese musical historian and archaeologist. At 19:30 pm, the concert started to stream on many online platforms, including the NCPA Classical Channel. The concert was also streamed on NCPA official Facebook, CCTV.com Facebook and YouTube for overseas audiences. By May 19th, the concert had been viewed online over 20.4 million times.

Special Concert to Celebrate International Museum Day 2020 kicked off

In the first half of the concert, pianist SHENG Yuan played Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Major, GAO Ping’s Random Thoughts No. 1 and Debussy’s Image II in the East Exhibition Hall of the NCPA. The first work was played on the harpsichord collected by the NCPA. Guqin player CHEN Leiji rendered A Song of Guangling Verse, One More Cup of Wine Before You Go and Flowing Water with the China NCPA Orchestra at the Huge Gate in front of the NCPA Olive Hall, with the dancer WANG Yabin performing extemporaneously to the music. In the second half, the China NCPA Chorus sang Vineyard Nocturne, Suliko, Barcarolle and When We Were Young, etc. in the antechamber of the Multi-functional Theatre.

Host TAN Jianghai gave a pre-concert talk in the exhibition hall with guests

Before the kickoff, Host TAN Jianghai talked with FAN Di’an and WANG Zichu about stories behind the exhibition. President FAN Di’an gave an introduction to the Harmony—NCPA Exhibition of Rare Collectables held in the antechamber of the Multi-functional Theatre and expressed his appreciation for the NCPA’ contributive efforts in art collection and exhibition. He said, “Compared to internationally renowned theatres, NCPA has taken its place in the front ranks of the world by spending only a dozen years to reach such a collection scale and level. She has provided a new palace hall for the development of China’s visual arts and national art collection. For the public, she has offered a new space for appreciating and cognizing the visual arts and having a dialogue with one another!” Music archaeologist WANG Zichu offered guidance on the appreciation of the Melodies from Anhui—Cultural Relics Related to Anhui’s Music and Local Operas held in the East Exhibition Hall. He said, “Cultural blending happens at all times. Civilizations become rich because of exchanges and mutual learning.”

Dancer WANG Yabin performed extemporaneously to the music

Chinese audiences praised this special event. “It seems as if I were in a land of idyllic beauty. The guqin music is too beautiful to be expressed in words.” “So great is the museum in the NCPA!” “Despite the epidemic, the artists’ selfless dedication is soul-soothing.” Overseas netizens also gave positive feedback. An American viewer said, “This is a wonderful opportunity! Beautiful music and an opportunity to see beautiful and rare pieces of art!” A Burmese viewer sighed with feeling, “The guqin is like a floating cloud, and its sound is like flowing water, with melodious rhythm dancing as fairies in the ears.” A viewer in Taiwan said, “Thank the artists. It’s enjoyable to listen to beautiful music and appreciate cultural relics in the company of a heavy rain outside.” Many viewers said the performance hadn’t not given full expression to their views and hoped the NCPA will rebroadcast the concert.

China NCPA Chorus sang in the antechamber of the Multi-functional Theatre



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