“Sound of Summer Blooms” Online Series features excerpts of world operas

NCPA June/22/2020
On June 20th, 2020, the 10th concert of the NCPA “Sound of Summer Blooms” Online Musical Series was held, which continued to be streamed on the NCPA Classical Music Channel and many other online platforms. With three special guests YAN Weiwen, WANG Hongwei and LEI Jia, ten NCPA Resident Singers and piano artistic directors JI Wanyin, YU Haiyang, YUE Peng and ZHANG Yu jointly contributed to this gala of Chinese and foreign classical operas. As of 11:00 pm on June 20th, 2020, more than 30.45 million views were listed for this online concert.

With three special guests, ten NCPA Resident Singers and piano artistic directors jointly contributed to this gala

Prior to the concert, JIN Zhengjian, Head of the NCPA Drama Ensemble and tenor, gave a pre-concert talk about Chinese opera excerpts together with YAN Weiwen, WANG Hongwei and LEI Jia at the backstage of the NCPA Concert Hall. They shared their life stories as vocalists with the audiences. The three artists played a series of memorable role in such operas as The Long March, The Ballad of Canal and Effendi on the stage of the NCPA.

YAN Weiwen, WANG Hongwei and LEI Jia shared their life stories as vocalists with the audiences

During this concert, YAN Weiwen, WANG Hongwei and LEI Jia, NCPA Resident Singers ZHANG Xin, WANG Kai, JIN Zhengjian and LI Xintong sang nine Chinese opera excerpts known to all. Before the performance of the foreign classical opera excerpts, JIN Zhengjian, HUANG Xiaoman (NCPA Chorus Managing Director and music director of this concert) and NCPA Resident Singers WANG Haitao and WANG Chong jointly described their artistic journey as bel canto singers. Afterwards, they cooperated with other NCPA Resident Singers ZHANG Yang, KOU Jing, LIU Songhu and ZHOU Xiaolin and impressed the people with seven classics. The whole concert culminated with Libiamo Ne'lieti Calici and the encored I Love You, China.



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