“Bright Autumn Cadenza” online series presents dance performance

NCPA September/01/2020
On the evening of August 29th, 2020, the first online dance performance greeted audiences as a spotlight to the NCPA “Bright Autumn Cadenza” Online Series. National Ballet of China offered a dazzling ballet feast with five wonderful works. This was not only the first dance performance since the NCPA online performance kicked off, but also the first performance at the Opera House since COVID-19 epidemic broke out. As of 22:30 pm on August 29th, this online performance realized more than 26 million hits in total.

Act II of Cinderella was presented as a new interpretation for this world-class classic

Before raising the curtain, LU Fang, host of Beijing Radio and TV Station, introduced to online audiences a professional ballet floor, and paid a visit to dancers and staff members in the backstage to learn about preparations. FENG Ying, President of National Ballet of China, ZHAO Tiechun, Vice President of NCPA and PU Cunxin, Chairman of China Theatre Association and Drama Director of NCPA also served as guest speakers and expounded on ballet art at the rehearsal hall. They not only described various features of the five works, but also revealed the secrets in daily routines of ballet dancers together with the young dancers ZHAO Xinyue and GUAN Chongzheng from the National Ballet of China.

HONG Changqing as a Guide, selected from Act I of The Red Detachment of Women

Flying Against the Wind is a new symphonic ballet production in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic

In the performance that evening, Act II of ballet drama Cinderella was presented as a new interpretation for this world-class classic. The excerpt from Classical Women's Pas De Quatre perfectly shed light on the beauty and elegance of ballerinas. Act II of ballet drama La Sylphide, which vividly demonstrated the reality, the dream, the human world and the romantic fairyland. HONG Changqing as a Guide, selected from Act I of the Chinese ballet drama The Red Detachment of Women, deeply immersed the audiences into the world of revolutionary classics. The finale Flying Against the Wind is a new symphonic ballet production by the National Ballet of China in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic. It not only eulogizes the belief of moving forward against the adversities, but also conveys humanity’s uniting as one and swimming against the stream in the face of disasters. According to choreographer FEI Bo, Flying Against the Wind is not just a work, but exemplifies an attitude. It is designed to kindle the flames of hope in everyone’s heart and stimulate people to jointly work hard for a better future.”. In the real-time interactive comments, many netizens expressed they felt encouraged and touched by the new work.



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