Peking University - NCPA Art Week rounded off

NCPA May/28/2021
After the NCPA drama Crossroads had been staged at Peking University’s Centennial Memorial Hall, the NCPA resident opera singers WANG Kai, ZHANG Yang, ZHANG Xin and KOU Jing visited the campus on May 26th and held a concert of arias from the NCPA opera commission FANG Zhimin for students.

The four singers gave a soul-stirring performance on stage, emotionally moving the audience. The lyrics of the aria China, My Beautiful Mother comes primarily from FANG Zhimin’s brilliant Lovely China. Singer WANG Kai sang this ode to China with great passion. ZHANG Xin sang the aria Cuckoo Crying on Azalea with deep feeling, touching the audience to tears. From the perspective of FANG Zhimin’s wife, this aria depicts a flesh-and-blood image of FANG. Accompanied by the flowing melody and changing lighting on stage, the four singers' voices and expressiveness grabbed the audience both visually and inwardly, so that they enjoyed art and beauty to the full from different angles.

From the drama Crossroads to the concert of arias from the opera FANG Zhimin, higher art education has been promoted through high-quality performances at this year’s Peking University - NCPA Art Week. The two works, which contain profound ideological connotations, took the students back to the revolutionary times. They make the students aware how hard-won today’s life is, remind them of the CPC’s century-old history of hard struggles, and motivate them to become more ambitious and aggressive.

Photos by GAO Shang



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