NCPA Drama Look West to Chang'an to be staged

NCPA January/06/2022
Laoshe, bestowed with the title of “People’s Artist”, has created many vivid images of ordinary people in his vast creations. Whether it is in Teahouse intertwined with the fate of several generations or in Four Generations Under One Roof, which reflects the fate of the country by describing the life of two families during the Japanese Occupation, Laoshe presents numerous characters with distinctive characteristics along with his vivid writing. In Look West to Chang’an , a five-act satirical comedy, he creates a number of images of ordinary people from all across the country.

From January 12th to the 16th, 2022, the NCPA drama Look West to Chang’an will be staged for the sixth time after rehearsals. The play tells a story of LI Wancheng, who forges his resume and cheats all the way from the Northwest to the Central and South China to wangle official positions with a stupid deceitful trick. However, the people around him lack vigilance and readily place trust in him, becoming the prop for him to obtain fame and wealth. Finally, his deception comes to light and he is brought to justice.

More than 20 characters jointly reproduce LI Wancheng’s shocking deception in the drama, who speake different dialects of Shaanxi, Hubei, Gansu, Northeast and other places, are cheated at first, feel confused and suspicious and finally see through the scam.

During the performance from 12th to the 16th, the famous crosstalk actor MIAO Fu will play the role of the “liar hero” LI Wancheng with his profound language skills and rich performance experience. Besides, outstanding actors of the NCPA Drama Ensemble including GUO Shuojie, LIU Beibei, FENG Yang, WANG Yiqing, CHEN Xiwen, WANG Qianyu, LIU Wenyi, LI Zhaoyang and so on will also play roles with different personalities in the drama.

NCPA Drama Look West to Chang'an

NCPA Drama Look West to Chang'an



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