NCPA Drama Looking West to Chang’an returns for a sixth round

NCPA January/13/2022
On January 12th, the sixth revival of the NCPA drama Looking West to Chang’an was staged at the Multi-functional Theatre.

MIAO Fu, a famous cross-talk actor who played the leading role, delivered two hours' happiness to the audience along with actors from the NCPA Drama Ensemble. The drama explores the current social problems with real cases in the early days of the founding of the PRC, and constructs a vivid picture of people from all walks of life in a humorous way.

The appearance of MIAO Fu, a young actor who has played the protagonist LI Wancheng for the second time, produced much mirth on stage. The "hero" lame in one leg LI Wancheng, claims to have been wounded in the Huaihai Campaign, and tells his heroic deeds to everyone he meets. Relying on people’s blind faith in him, he cheats all the way from the cadre training school in the northwest to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Beijing to wrangle trust, honours and even love. Finally, his deception comes to light and he is brought to justice after being reported and investigated by the police.

Young actors of the NCPA Drama Ensemble including GUO Shuojie, LIU Beibei, FENG Yang, WANG Yiqing, CHEN Xiwen, WANG Qianyu, LIU Wenyi, LI Zhaoyang and so on play roles of about 20 citizens portrayed by Laoshe, including the vain young woman who goes along with LI Wancheng in his evil deeds, the meticulous and rigorous director of the police and the honest and simple young man who finally sees through LI’s scam. They jointly constructed a picture of people from all walks of life, reproducing the profound charm of Laoshe’s citizen literature and reflecting on the social contradictions and practical problems of the times. The performance will continue on until January 16th.



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