Peking University - NCPA Art Week rounded off

NCPA November/08/2022
On the evening of November 7th, “Glories and Dreams” the China NCPA Chorus Concert rounded off at Peking University’s Centennial Memorial Hall with more than 1,000 audience joining the chorus in singing Ode to the Motherland.
On November 6th and 7th, “Peking University – NCPA Art Week ” jointly launched by Peking University and the NCPA was held. Chorus master JIAO Miao took the podium. The China NCPA Chorus presented two choral concerts for the teaching faculties and students of Peking University.

The two concerts featured well-arranged programmes, including not only classical revolutionary songs, such as Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No PRC and A Mountain Song for the Party, but also Centurial Glory and Pathfinder in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC. New songs by the China NCPA Chorus, such as A Song of New Era and The Spring of China were also presented on the stage. These songs radiated the charm of choral art and drew hearty applause.


Since the NCPA and Peking University signed the strategic cooperation agreement in September 2020, the two sides have planned a series of events, intending to jointly build a platform for popularization, education and the display of art in colleges and universities, and advanced the prosperity and development of aesthetic education.
In September 2020, at the Opening Ceremony of Peking University for Students of Grade 2020, the China NCPA Orchestra presented Ode to Red Flag and Affection for Swallow Garden with the faculty and student choir of Peking University. In October 2020, students of Peking University were invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the NCPA Opera Film Screening 2020. In May 2021, the two sides jointly launched “Peking University - NCPA Art Week”. NCPA drama commission The Crossroad and the concert of arias from the NPCA opera commission FANG Zhimin were presented to the teaching faculties and students of Peking University. On the eve of the Beginning of Winter in 2022, “Glories and Dreams” China NCPA Chorus Concerts greeted audiences at Peking University Hall yet again.
As a national cultural platform, the NCPA stays true to its goal of educating people about aesthetics and culture. Currently, the NCPA has reached strategic cooperations with eight universities, namely, Peking University, Beijing Dance Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, The Central Academy of Drama, Minzu University of China, and National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts.



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