Retrospect to significant figures at the 15th anniversary of the NCPA

NCPA December/22/2022
Today comes the 15th anniversary of the NCPA. By citing the significant figures as follows, the 15-year growth stories of the NCPA and the unforgettable years of getting along with the audiences will be unfolded.


The NCPA was formally inaugurated on December 22nd, 2007. From then on, situated around a shimmering human-made lake, the NCPA has shone like a brilliant pearl on the water.

Over the past 15 years, the NCPA has unswervingly adhere to the guiding principle of “for the people, for art and for the world”. Under the development philosophy of “leadership, inheritance, innovations, compatibility and openness”, the NCPA remains committed to developing into a Platform for the Performing Arts, the Platform for the Innovative Commissions Works, the Platform for Comprehensive Arts Display, the Platform for Arts Education & Outreach, the Platform for International Cultural Exchanges, and the Platform for Digital Culture. The NCPA meets the ever-increasing spiritual and cultural needs of the people. The NCPA plays an active role in building Beijing into “Four Centers”, invigorating performing arts market, pushing forward artistic innovations, and enhancing the dissemination power and international influence of Chinese culture.


The Platform for the Performing Arts stands here.

The NCPA is a magnet of the Chinese and foreign art classics, where prestigious artists, renowned troupes and famous works feast the audiences. A large number of top-notch elegant art works radiate the brilliant charms on the stage.

Over the past 15 years, the NCPA has staged more than 11,800 commercial performances, with more than 12 million audiences watched performances here.


The Platform for the Innovative Commissions Works stands here.

The NCPA has adhered to the “people-centred” creation orientation by blazing the exploration and creation path for productions and commissions.

Over the past 15 years, the NCPA has rolled out 100 productions and commissions and nearly 2,000 performances, which have been acclaimed by the audiences both at home and abroad.


The Platform for Arts Education & Outreach stands here.

The NCPA has attached tremendous importance to arts education and outreach. Great efforts are made for embellishing the characteristic brands of arts education and outreach, including “Weekend Concert”, “Classic Arts Lecture”, “Enter the World of Music”, which have already emerged as the regular well-known arts outreach events throughout the year. “Institutions of Higher Learning and Social Forces’ Engagement in the Development of Physical Education and Aesthetic Education at Primary School Phase”, “Spring Flowers and Autumn Fruits—Chinese Art Schools Week”, “Arts Outreach Concert for the Youth”, “Grow up Together with the Motherland”, “Ideological and Political Lessons of the NCPA” and other events are also in full swing. For the NCPA, arts outreach starts with the children.

Over the past 15 years, the NCPA has launched more than 13,800 arts education and outreach events.


The Platform for Comprehensive Arts Display stands here.

When visitors stroll in public spaces of the NCPA, exquisite artworks leap to the eyes wherever they go. Over the past 15 years, the NCPA has held about 560 exhibitions, thereby attracting more than 15 million visitors. Its collectibles total nearly 12,000 pieces (sets) up to now.

Welcome to the NCPA Taihu Arts Centre, Taihu Art Library, stage art digital platform and other resources are abundant in various categories, which have expanded on the basis of more than 25,000 professional stage art collection materials.


The Platform for International Cultural Exchanges stands here.

With a purpose to exchanging viewpoints, achieving cooperation, sharing fruits and striving for win-win outcome, the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts, Beijing Forum for Symphonic Music and NCPA Taihu International Stage Art Forum, three international forums under the framework of the Beijing Forum for Performing Arts (BFPA), are held to listen to the voice of the world and share Chinese Wisdom.

Over the past 15 years, the NCPA has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 38 international art institutions. Cooperative partnerships were established with more than 70 countries and regions, more than 460 art institutions and nearly 30 BFPA members.

43 Billion

The Platform for Digital Culture stands here.

The official website, NCPA Classical Music Channel, opera films, digital records, online outreach, online exhibitions, digital collections and other digital explorations continues to deepen with breadth and depth.

Since 2020, four online series, “Spring Online”, “Sound of Summer Blooms”, “Bright Autumn Cadenza” and “An Invitation from Winter”, have been presented in succession. NCPA Performance Online Series greets the audiences every Saturday evening. “4K+5G”, “8K+5G”, VR, AR and XR mark the high-tech milestones in the realm of art. So far, 160 performances have been broadcast online in various categories, with a total of more than 4.3 billion hits and reach to the online audiences from 175 countries and regions.


In the future, the curtain will be raised for the NCPA in the era of “One Centre with Three Sites”.

The NCPA, the NCPA Taihu Arts Centre and Beijing Sub-Centre Theatre (Beijing Performing Arts Centre) will uphold the original aspiration of “art for the people”, and help people enjoy the benefits of a spiritual and cultural life. Moreover, they will bear in mind the grand mission to devote to the painstaking work, and deliver contributions to building Beijing into China’s cultural center and propelling high-quality development of national culture and art.



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