Drama LIN Zexu unveils the Theatre of the Beijing Performing Arts Centre

NCPA January/27/2024
On the night of January 25th, the Theatre of the Beijing Performing Arts Centre opened with LIN Zexu, a drama commission co-produced by the NCPA and Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Centre. Written by GUO Qihong and directed by WANG Xiaodi, the drama features a main cast of five - PU Cunxin, XU Fan, HONG Tao, GUAN Dongtian, and SUN Yajun. They interpreted the live history together with artists from the NCPA Drama Ensemble and Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Centre.

The drama commission visualises the national hero LIN Zexu’s life experience and inner world, praising him for his unswerving patriotism and awe-inspiring national righteousness. The dramatic conflicts, full of tension, and stage language, filled with emotions, take the audience back to 1840, to relive the starting point of century-long sufferings and struggles. The drama has opened for a seventh round this time, with its stage dialogue, scenery and sound effect taking on a new look.


The set designer JI Qiao and video projection designer HU Tianji have jointly created an undefined stage, while the choreographer HUANG Doudou rebuild a historical group portrait of the late Qing Dynasty. Emperor Daoguang, played by HONG Tao, appeared with hesitation about whether to lift the ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade or impose a strict ban on it. LIN Zexu, portrayed by PU Cunxin, stands on the side of the common people victimised by opium, and presents a memorial to the emperor for a firm request that a strict ban should be put on opium. The audience steps into LIN Zexu’s inner world as the story unfolds.

As the first drama performed at the Beijing Performing Arts Centre, LIN Zexu represents the high quality of arts consistently maintained by the NCPA. Moreover, a more precise and richer effect of expression is presented in a new stage system.



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