12 Cellists of Berlin Philharmonic opens “Roam about the Classics”

NCPA July/04/2024
On July 4th, the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic, an internationally acclaimed chamber ensemble, returned to the NCPA to kick off the "Roam about the Classics" concert series.

The Berlin Philharmonic comprises of dozens of chamber music ensembles. The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic, founded over fifty years, is one of the oldest and most influential chamber groups affiliated with the Berlin Philharmonic. The performers, who have received a rigorous academic education and stood the test of virtuosity, are excellent at “opening a new path” - in their repertoire are film scores, jazz adaptations, country music, tango, and many other genres of music alongside classical music. With tremendous talent and exploring spirit, they can always delight classical music lovers in an unexpected manner. On July 4th, the 12 cellists began their concert with the German composer Julius Klengel’s classic work, Hymnus in G Major. The first half was filled with “French” works, including the French neoclassical composer Jean Francaix’s Aubade, romantic and sweet French chansons Sous les ponts de Paris, La vie en rose and Fleur de Paris, etc. The great tenderness of the Flower Capital was thus presented in a gorgeous melody. The second half featured colourful and passionate American masterpieces, including Duke Ellington’s great jazz music Caravan, John Williams’ interesting Catch Me If You Can, the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender, and Burt Bacharach’s South American Getaway, which flashed before the audience’s eyes as screen classics. These were followed by the American pop composer Burt Bacharach’s A Don Augustin Bardi, George Gershwin’s Clap Yo Hands, and the “Father of Tango”, Piazzolla’s Adios Nonino and Fuga Y Misterio, which represent the charm of the diverse American music. Playing the 12 cellos in a deep, warm tone, the 12 musicians acted in perfect unison, with music fully expressed. Despite the same instrument, each vocal part was so clearly recognisable that a broad, majestic sound could be heard now and then came a sensitive, delicate one, offering a realistic portrayal of what is graceful and romantic, hidden between the bowstrings.

This year’s Roam about the Classics is unprecedented in scale. From the 4th to 28th, 20 curated concerts in 16 performances will be presented. Various art theatres and orchestras will take the stage one after another, including the China NCPA Chorus, China NCPA Orchestra, China National Symphony Orchestra, Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, China Conservatory of Music Chinese Orchestra, Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Beijing Chinese Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Youth Orchestra, Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio, National Ballet of China Symphony Orchestra, etc. Chinese and foreign conductors will take turns to wave their baton, including LI Xincao, LÜ Jia, LIAO Guomin, ZHANG Yi, XU Zhijun, SUN Yifan, JIN Ye, JING Huan, Pablo Mielgo, etc. Performing artists will perform with great passion, including YAO Hong, JIANG Jianhua, YANG Baoyuan, HUANG Jianyi, MO Mo, Gerhard Oppitz, MA Xianghua, SONG Fei, WU Bixia, MENG Xianteng, SHEN Wenli, WANG Yi, SHAO Muhan, CHEN Sa, SUN Yutong, GUO Xu, CHANG Le, LI Yuhe, ZHANG Qianyuan, HUANG Mengla, LUO Wei, Li-Wei Qin, ZHANG Qiang, etc. In 25 days that follow, classical music, elegant Chinese-style works and other genres of music will be mashed up amazingly to show the audience the infinite possibilities and multiple pleasures of music in the most relaxing way.


The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic

The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic



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