2018 NCPA International Opera Film Exhibition to unveil

NCPA July/19/2018
The third “NCPA International Opera Film Exhibition” is scheduled to be held on August 4th until October 31st. Since its founding in 2016, the NCPA International Opera Film Exhibition has toured ten cities across China with seven world-famous opera houses and shown films for nearly 500 groups of audiences, attracting more than 38,000 viewers.

Attendants of the press conference of 2018 NCPA International Opera Film Exhibition
Photo by WANG Xiaojing

A press conference was held on July 17th, attended by, among others, ZHAO Jiachen, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the NCPA, WANG Jie, National Operation Manager of Broadway Cinemas, NCPA resident artist WANG Haitao and music critic WANG Jiyan, who presented highlights for 2018 session.

In the upcoming three months, the NCPA, Metropolitan Opera and Royal Opera House, Covent Garden will be brought together. The Teatro Real, Madrid, which was founded in 1818 and is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, will join the Exhibition for the first time. An international platform is set up to promote Chinese-foreign Cooperation on opera film exchanges to help the opera art draw closer to the public.

The NCPA started an opera film production programme in 2003, making itself the first Chinese institution to present opera art in an HD cinematic form. By now, the NCPA has elaborated 27 opera films. “NCPA Opera Film” is emerging as a new brand of opera art communication, as well as a new name card for Chinese culture overseas.

On August 4th, 4K opera film Simon Boccanegra will be shown at the NCPA first. Then with support from Broadway Cinemas, 13 Chinese and foreign films will be shown to 265 groups of audiences in prime time in 17 cinemas in 10 cities including Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Shanghai.

Besides, themed lectures, fans meeting and opera exhibitions will be carried out to help audiences take a close contact with opera films. In order that more audiences could see wonderful opera films outside the period of the Exhibition, the NCPA will develop cooperation with more cinemas this year in an attempt to have opera films shown all year round.

Tickets have been available on the official Chinese website of the NCPA, and audiences can watch an opera film at the price range of 50-100 yuan only, to capture an amazing experience in the fusion of digital technology and opera art.



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