NCPA invites you to celebrate New Year online

NCPA February/01/2021
The NCPA will launch “NCPA New Year Celebration” online activities from February 12th(lunar January 1st) to March 12th, 2021(lunar January 29th) to glut the eyes of audiences all over the world through the Internet.

From lunar January 1st to lunar January 23rd, the NCPA will put on special New Year performances on “Spring Online” as the first generous gift during Spring Festival. To be staged are five streamed performances, including China Ethnic Song & Dance Ensemble Dancing for Home, China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre dance drama LI Bai, China NCPA Orchestra’s Concert held under LÜ Jia’s baton, Beijing Chinese Orchestra’s Lantern Festival Concert, and China National Traditional Orchestra’s Concert. Highly festive pre-concert talks have been orchestrated for these performances. Invited to the appreciation guide are many artists including drama artist PU Cunxin and dancer SHEN Peiyi, and well-known presenters including LI Sisi and SAN Beining. “Spring Online” series will be live-streamed more than new media platforms including NCPA Classical Channel,, CCTV News, Kuaishou APP,, People’s Daily, etc. In addition, the Lantern Festival’s Concert will be live-streamed globally in cooperation with overseas social media platforms including, CGTN and China Daily.

For the Spring Festival this year, the NCPA stands committed to explore a new film-viewing pattern featuring “online + offline” and will set up "NCPA Art Screening" to give special New Year blessings. Five fine opera films will be selected from a repertoire of the NCPA and streamed on more than 30 online platforms. The series includes musical drama film The Beautiful Blue Danube, Peking Opera film Red Cliff, opera film Carmen, dance drama film The Railway to Tibet, and opera film The Long March. After film screening, LI Yangwei, DONG Yi, JIANG Xiaohan and CAI Guoqing will serve as presenters to hold a dialogue with artists and critics JIANG Kun, ZHANG Yi, YUAN Hua, GAO Guangjian, LI Hongtu, YUAN Chenye, ZHOU Xiaolin, WANG Jiyan, LI Xing, FENG Jingya, HOU Keming, YAN Weiwen and WANG Hongwei to show the audience stories about behind-the-scenes creations.

In addition to colourful online performances and opera films, the NCPA will also launch a series of boutique resources including art popularization, exhibitions and visits, pre-concert talks and interaction, game experience, etc. on self-media platforms including NCPA Classical Channel, Official Website and Official Video Channel, Kuaishu APP and Douyin APP during the Spring Festival.

Famous international and domestic orchestras and artists will deliver concerts of different musical pieces through the NCPA Classical Channel. NCPA 2021 New Year’s Concert will be streamed for free on Teatro Real “Digital Balcony”, RTVE2 “Concert” Channel and the Social Platform of the Embassy.

In addition to wonderful performances, the NCPA has a designed 2021 New Year-themed page on its official website, where a treasure house of artistic resources is getting built out of 47 Online Performances, 57 Art Classes, 86 Online Classical Arts Lectures, 11 Online Exhibitions and 48 E-Magazines, as well as Virtual Visit, Souvenir Shop and Special Zone for Art Goose. Also, NCPA has prepared boutique cultural and creative products as “artistic necessities for Spring Festival” for the audience.

Meanwhile, the 5th “NCPA iAsk” Competition will be held for teenagers, who can quickly master artistic knowledge in various forms of online interaction including clock-in, question answering and points race at the NCPA Online Winter Camp 2021. In addition, H5 mini-games including “Explore the Fusion of Pipe and Music” and “Art Goose—Hard Fighter will win” will also bring online viewers an interactive experience in which entertainment and artistic knowledge are offered together.



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